The 2017 MLB Playoffs Could Become the Decades Best

by Clayton Richer | Posted on Friday, October 6th, 2017
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The divisional round this season is shaping up to become loaded with high winning totals in recent history even as the Minnesota Twins beat the New York Yankees. On Wednesday night, the Colorado Rockies go head to head with the Arizona Diamondbacks with the aim of determining who will reach the finals in this category. However, with all its faults, it seems the regular season in 2017 for the lopsided teams will lastly pay off. You can bet on the MLB Playoffs for this juicy upcoming matchup.

As the MLB Playoffs draw closer, it is important to mention the teams involved in the race to the finals. They include the New York Yankees (91 wins), Chicago Cubs (92 wins), Boston Red Sox (93 wins), Washington Nationals (97 wins), Houston Astros (101 wins), Cleveland Indians (102 wins), and Los Angeles Dodgers with 104 wins so far. A loss for the Rockies in the hands of the Arizona Diamondbacks means that the D-backs team would have their 93rd win sealed to the fold, which would bring the impressive total wins for teams in the division to 773. On the other hand, if the Rockies succeed to hold off D-backs to secure a win, they would record 87 wins, which would add up to 767 wins in their name. Furthermore, if the Arizona Diamondbacks win the game, the total wins for the Chicago Cubs would drop to the second lowest position compared to all other playoff teams. Evidently, so far, the Yankees remain at the bottom.

With the fact that it has been approximately 5 years since the league implemented the present-day playoff format in 2012, it was only in 2013 that all teams playing in the divisional round managed to attain a minimum of 90 wins. Furthermore, when you examine the current situation, it was only in the year 2002 that three teams managed to win 100 games in the divisional round to bring the total to 790 total wins. These were when the Athletics, Braves, and Yankees, but they never won any of their division series afterward.

In the scenario that the Diamondbacks emerge triumphantly, the win total for this year would surpass that of the year 2002 in a single divisional series. Conversely, a win for the Rockies would result in the highest number of wins combined since the year 2004, in which eight teams totaled their victories to 769 in the divisional round. Whichever the case, this season shows an incredible balance in the teams playing so far. At most, 17 games will prevent the Los Angeles Dodgers from getting the wild card and triumph for the D-backs would reduce it to just 11 matches.

Irrespective of the outcome, the marathon for the season seems worth it for baseball fans. The Yankees will play the Indians in an ALDS, while the Astros and the Red Sox in an LCS. Again, the Dodgers will have an opportunity to play an opponent in the NLDS, which should delight fans because of previously heated matchups. Noticeably, a team that records wins in the regular season, but fails to progress to the divisional round would have wasted their efforts.

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