5 Reasons Why The Toronto Blue Jays Need To Sign Robinson Cano…Now

by Clayton Richer | Posted on Thursday, November 28th, 2013
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Reyes & Cano

With less than a month remaining until old St.Nick trudges down chimneys around the world spreading Christmas joy, my wife tasked me with preparing my annual Christmas wish list to ease her shopping burden.The list began with the normal boring necessities of  white socks, Fruit of the Loom underwear and for my one big gift , how about ……..Robinson Cano. I deserve it, I have been a good little elf all year long, just ask Santa.

My wish-list soon took a Blue Jays festive theme as I found myself pondering the multiple reasons why the Toronto Blue Jays need to make a bold statement and sign the franchise second-baseman at any cost. Now, before you go thinking I dipped into the eggnog a little early this holiday season , here are my 5 reasons to bring Cano north of the border for Christmas.

 5. Prevent Yankees From Resigning Cano:

The signing of Cano would not only make a bold statement to the world of baseball,but it would also more importantly prevent the New York Yankees from resigning their franchise player. Cano would also remain in the American League East to haunt his former team 19 times a season.

4. Rogers Has More Money Than Santa Claus:

Rogers Sportsnet just dished out 5.2 billion dollars earlier this week to secure the exclusive rights to the NHL for the next 12 seasons so it goes without saying that they could put $25o million under the Christmas tree of the Cano family to spread some Christmas cheer.

3. Reyes + Cano = Swagger

Jose Reyes and Robinson Cano would be hands down the most talented tandem in baseball. The middle infield would also be brimming with swagger and exuberance. They were both teammates at the World Baseball Classic so hopeful Reyes can persuade Cano to take a liking to the pretty Christmas colours on the Canadian currency.

2. Second Base Unrest:

The Blue Jays need to address their second base quandary in the form of something better than the 2013 edition of Emilio Bonifacio, Maicer Izturis or even Ryan Goins. Did I mention that Robinson Cano is a free agent. Enough said.

1. Christmas Comes Once a Year:

Robinson Cano is a proven, elite major league talent who plays a premium position and will never be a free agent again. The Blue Jays have one chance to do right with Cano and unlike Santa he wont be available next December.

The Proof Is In The Christmas Pudding:

Cano has 9 seasons under his belt putting up Hall of Fame worthy numbers to date. He is a career .309 hitter with 204 home runs and an .860 OPS in 1374 regular season games. He is a  5 time All-Star,  5 time Silver Slugger award winner along with 2 Gold Gloves during his tenure with the Yankees. Cano has only missed 14 games in the last 7-seasons combined coming to work everyday ready to play. Show me the money, cant dispute those numbers even if it is Christmas.

Forget the turtle doves and the partridge in a pear tree, I will settle for Cano and 5 golden World Series rings.



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Clayton Richer
About the Author

Clayton Richer is an MLB scribe from north of the border with a slight bias for the Toronto Blue Jays. Clayton has also been the shop-keeper at Baseball Hot Corner since the sites inception in 2012. Follow and interact with Clayton on Twitter @MLBHotCorner or @ClaytonRicher

  • Seth Allen

    Problem is Cano can’t pitch and quite frankly I’m not sure I’d want to be a team stuck with the end of that contract when he’s in decline.

    • Its two-fold for me: Jays get one of the best players in the game and prevent him from going back to the Yankees. Win Win

      • cedric

        that’s probably what the angels were thinking when they signed pujols and hamilton.

        eating cano’s contract probably won’t be good for the jays long term. if cano wants to sign for 5-6 years then im good with it. eating the 2 years at the end is fine. but at 10 years that’s just too much. it’s not like he’s giving you a discount, you’re paying full price for all 10 years, only maybe 4-5 of which will be worth it. taking them from the yankees would actually be helping them cuz now they wont be saddled with a bad contract. look at how jeter and a-rod’s contracts are messing with what the yankees are able to do. pyrrhic victories are not beneficial to teams that are already struggling to win.

        • mega

          Cedric, A-Rods contract is a nightmare, but Jeter’s earned every penny as a Yank. His nickname isn’t Captian Clutch for nothing. Last year was dissapointing, but when you connect the rest of the dots $$$$$$, Jeter’s probably made the Yankees 2X what the Yankees have paid Jeter.

          On to Cano, you guys can probably have him, right now for 8 yrs, 225. Reports are the Yankees offer of 7 and 161 will top off at the 8yrs 200. And not a penny more.

          Cano will leave one hitter haven for another, unlike Hamilton LAA, the numbers should translate quite nicely for 4/5 years you’d figure, maybe even more, maybe his numbers fall of, but for around 225 milllliiiooon dollars you can find out.

          Good luck Jays fans, your a win now team with deep pockets I’d go for it.

          Bored Mets fan surfing the web. We’ll be dumpster diving for Rafael Furcal and Raul Ibanez, while fans like yourselves discuss the likes of Cano, but TYVM for Thor and dArnaud, much appreciated. Last visited skydome in 91, I think, stayed in the stadium motel and had a blast, and watched George Brett hit for the cycle, but I drank so many Labatt 50’s, I found out the next day, what a hangover……

  • Matt G

    If they can pony up money for Cano, they can certainly pony up money for Pitching, Signing Garza and trading for another pitcher could only help AA get Cano to sign with the Jays!

    • cedric

      just because you can sign one major free agent doesnt mean you can sign another. there are limits to what is possible. in your scenario they’re going to have to pay cano like 23 mil a season, plus garza which will be at least 15-16, and then a second pitcher. lets say the pitcher you trade for is around 5 mil which is probably a low estimate, that’s minimum 43 mil. i’m not sure where you expect the jays to find 43 mil for 3 players. this also neglects the fact that they also need a catcher. their current payroll is 119.5 mil excluding arbitration players which is expected to push them to 130-134 mil. AA has already said that the limit is roughly 150 but rogers would approve additional funds depending on situation. however, i dont think rogers would give an additional 25 mil.

      signing cano is possible but it would severely reduce aa’s ability to do anything else. he would have to trade away a big contract. the biggest of which would be buehrle and reyes. but trading either guy means you’re signing cano to fill a weakness while creating another so im not sure if that’s a good solution. i suppose buehrle could be traded and find another pitcher to replace him but im not sure what the market is for him considering he makes 19 mil.

      it’d be nice for toronto to sign cano but unless rogers is willing to up the payroll even more, im not sure if it’d be a good move. signing cano severely restricts them from doing anything else. cheap effective pitchers are extremely rare, and trading for one would require a lot but that is what aa would have to do if cano takes up all of the remaining payroll.

    • Garret

      Matt, I absolutely love the idea of signing Garza! I’m a huge fan of his game and i’ve wished we had got him in the past years. I’m interested in your thoughts about trading for another pitcher… Any thoughts on who you’d like to see? Also who would we trade? I feel we used up most of our trade chips last year.

  • LEE

    6TH REASON :
    Reyes, Encarnacion, Bautista, Rogers, Sierra..
    andd Cano! SERIOUSLY !

  • dc

    It would be nice but its completely unrealistic.

    The jays had the 2nd worst rotation in the league last year, adding a premier second baseman isn’t going to help that.

    The only way this move makes sense is if it part 1 of the offseason that involves them adding 2 more starting pitchers.

    and fyi, rogers may be the richest or 2nd richest owners in the league, but they operate the jays on a separate sheet, in which they can essentially spend what they make.

  • ken phelps

    Reyes + Cano = english as a second language

  • pargo

    I’d love to see this happen. Cano will be overpaid wherever he goes, but I root for the Jays (and Pirates) especially, even though my heart is in the midwest usa. Reyes and Cano would be a thing of beauty to watch, and with Bautista, Encarnacion and hopefully a Lowrie finally realizing his potential, this team would be powerful. Yet, that pitching really needs some work. Both are a priority for the Jays, but if not now, when? When will they again have a chance to make a splash like this? Like you say, they also steal them away from the Yanks if they do it.

    It makes too much sense for it to happen probably.

  • Jeff

    When your basis is ‘screw the Yankees’ and ‘swagger’ then you know your argument isn’t very good.

    Cano is going to massively regress over the next few years. You really want your franchise to be stuck with an aging and overpaid contract while you give the Yankees a first round pick and unload the albatross that his contract would cause the team?

    Cano does not help the jays enough. This would not be a good move for them at this time. Let the Yankees overpay for his decline, keep your pick and focus on more moderate and stable moves.

    • Jeff- It was a kind of “tongue in cheek” article but I would welcome the signing.

    • Garret

      I’d be willing to bet you that Cano doesn’t “significantly regress until he is 35. The guy is a machine! I’d feel safe to say I’d count on .300/30/100 from him. Oh I forgot to mention Robby plays leather too! However as much as I would like to see the dream become a reality I just don’t see it happening.

  • mega

    Good stuff Clayton, keep up the good work. I’m off to Mets land……

  • owlnut

    He may be a great player but he is also lazy, even more so than Reyes. Like Reyes, when he wants to play, he goes all out. More often than not, he dogs it, especially on running to 1st base on a ball to the infield.

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  • okanaduh

    I’d be happy if Lowrie hits 250 with 10 hrs and 50 rbi he is one of the best defensive 3rd basemen and add Reyes and Cano and it’s a triple play waiting to happen

  • davidldls

    I fail to see the point of moving Bautista to get Cano. You just are making another hole to fill.

    In any case, Cano would never come to a Toronto anyway. The field (carpet) is too slick, the taxes too high and his avarice-ridden agent Jay-Z would not like to leave NY to represent him.

    AA would never, ever give anyone a nine year contract. Good thing too. Remember the last dud Toronto took on that long. Everyone was so happy he was shipped off to the Angels. Anaheim is still partially paying for his salary as are the Yankees his present team. Remember?

    Goins is $28.3 million cheaper a year than Cano and plays the field just as well. Hitters we have, like Bautista for example. No Cano please, we have enough over-priced famous people in Toronto such as our mayor.

    Anyone who pays Cano’s greedy goal will have more money than brains. That is why he should stay with the Yankees.

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