Adam Dunn Walks It Off In Style Versus Baltimore

by Paul Jack | Posted on Friday, July 5th, 2013
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THE WHITE SOX WIN A SERIES!!!!  I take it back let’s be buyers at the deadline.

Ok that’s not right but hey 2 of 3 versus Baltimore is nice anyways.

Adam Dunn increased his potential trade value with a strong June and a walk off today, enjoy Hawk losing his mind.

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Paul Jack
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Paul Jack is an extreme baseball enthusiast, you can follow and interact with him on Twitter @PaulJackSports

  • Sox fan since 10,now 67, I know the Sox , time to replace Cooper,Mantos, the 2 idiots Hawk & Stone, Bob Elston, old time announcer ,was slow but criticize the sox when needed to, Hawk & Stone talk more about the other teams hitters & how good they are, the Sox need to get announcers who are open the good & the bad,not these guys,collecting a pay check isn’t my idea of doing their jobs, I can coach better then Cop, & Mantos in hitting.

    • Paul Jack

      Yeah time for Hawk to go, keep Stone he is awesome. I like Ventura he was just dealt a crappy hand in an old team. Need to infuse the kids and blow it up, start over again.

      I like Coop, no problem with him seems to relate to the pitchers pretty well.

      Hitting has been an issue for a long time.

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