Adam Wainwright Master of His Craft

by Chris Lacey | Posted on Monday, April 22nd, 2013
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The game of baseball has seen pitchers exhibit plenty of control in displaying the ability to limit base runners and prevent the opposition from scoring. The best way that a pitcher can accomplish this is by not allowing batters to earn free pass from walking them, and another way is to have location and command of your pitches, so that you don’t give up a towering moonshot to the opposition. There are also some numbers to look at to determine how a pitcher is performing, and they are WHIP, HR/9 and BB/9.

There is one pitcher this season that has shown he has control of all his pitches in his starts this season. The St. Louis Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright is on a very impressive run for a pitcher through four starts. Wainwright has pitched 29 innings this season, and has looked like the ace of the staff, as indicated by 1.07 WHIP, 0.0 HR/9 and 0.0 BB/9.

This is very impressive for a pitcher considering the amount of control that a pitcher would have to display to not allow either of these to occur. Wainwright is a pitcher who has always had the ability the throw strikes, but after he had Tommy John surgery there were some worries that he would not be the same pitcher after the surgery.

For Adam, the surgery seems to have made him a better pitcher in how he attacks opposing hitters. The best asset that Wainwright possesses is his fastball, and he is able to locate the pitch with pinpoint accuracy. He uses his fastball to get ahead of opposing hitters, and then will go to his breaking pitch to put them away.

The key for pitcher to have a low walk rate during the season is that it begins and ends with command of the fastball. The fastball is one pitch that all pitchers can go to, and can sometimes act as a way to fool the opposition.

A pitcher can be behind in the count against a hitter, and if the hitter knows that the pitcher has a great fastball, then he will be looking fastball first. This will speed up the opposing hitters bat speed, but the pitcher can then throw a breaking pitch that will have  the hitter out in front and cause him to hit a weak ground ball.

Wainwright also has not allowed Home run so far, and this shows that he is able to locate his pitches with great efficiency. When an opposing pitcher gives up a Home run it is mostly because he hung a breaking ball or the location was off.

Wainwright has pitched great this season, and looks to be an early contender for NL CY Young award. As the season moves forward Wainwright will give up a walk or Home run, because it is tough to maintain this level of consistency through 30 or more starts. If there was one pitcher that could achieve this level of greatness it is Wainwright, because he is a master of his craft.

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Chris Lacey
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Chris Lacey has been following baseball since he was 12 years old. His allegiances are with the Arizona Diamondbacks and Toronto Blue Jays. Follow Chris on Twitter @aecanada12

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