American League Playoffs: Taking A Peak at the Contenders

by Clayton Richer | Posted on Wednesday, August 30th, 2017
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 The playoffs are a big deal, and one couldn’t be faulted for over analyzing them at this point, especially taking into consideration everything that has transpired thus far. However, most Major League Baseball players cannot afford to worry about the playoffs.

Even taking into account the conversations surrounding the sportsbook odds for MLB playoffs, one cannot ignore the fact that there are over five weeks of games left and so much more considerations and predictions to make.

There is no one team in the Majors that has a guaranteed shot at making the postseason. Things are still up in the air. In fact, a lot of baseball fans are not even talking about the playoffs.

They are too busy keeping an eye on the AL Wild Card race. There is a lot of fun to be had there, especially when it comes to speculating about the sides that will take the two spots.

There is some anxiety surrounding the NL Wild Card chase, but the competition has the potential to be more interesting than what some people might be expecting.

For all the races that are still open, though, there are even more which is all but decided at this point. So maybe it’s time to look at the American League Playoffs. Players cannot be bothered with such discussions. They have too much on their plate at the moment.

But pundits don’t have those considerations to worry about and they are free to analyze and overanalyze the situation. And right now, pundits are trying to predict the potential AL playoffs by looking at the available possibilities.

With the Red Sox, everyone will be watching to see if they have any other reliable starting pitchers that isn’t Chris Sale. There is the talk of David Price and Rick Porcello exceeding expectations. The Red Sox offense has shown signs of swinging upward. They just need to maintain a level of consistency.

If the Red Sox are worried, then the Indians are probably bordering on terrified. It would be easy to overlook Danny Salazar and Andrew Miller both of whom made appearances on the disabled list on Tuesday. But the Indians have had too many of their heavy hitters suffer slumps.

The team needs Miller and Salazar to make a comeback by October, otherwise, there will be trouble. Of course, the Indians were able to skate by last season without the strength of Michael Brantley or Carlos Carrasco, so they could still surprise everyone.

The Astros definitely have a reason to worry if Carlos Correa doesn’t return to form in time. They already have Lance McCullers to worry about. They can still make do with Collin McHugh, Brad Peacock, and Charlie Morton but it won’t be easy.

The thing about the Astros, the Indians, and the Red Sox is that they each have the capacity to win the World Series. But they could also crash and burn if they are not careful.

The Red Sox and the Indians enjoy notable divisional leads but they could easily blow those. They could also face up against an insanely strong wild-card hopeful. Right now, everything is up in the air, which is good because that makes the game more unpredictable.

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Clayton Richer
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Clayton Richer is an MLB scribe from north of the border with a slight bias for the Toronto Blue Jays. Clayton has also been the shop-keeper at Baseball Hot Corner since the sites inception in 2012. Follow and interact with Clayton on Twitter @MLBHotCorner or @ClaytonRicher

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