Andy Pettitte Reaches Milestone And Son Gets Drafted By Yankees

by Travis Richardson | Posted on Sunday, June 9th, 2013
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Andy Pettitte

Andy Pettitte had a milestone day yesterday as he completed his 250th career win, and the day was yet to get better.

Andy Pettitte`s son, Josh was accompanying his father in Seattle when the young 18 year old`s phone started to ring. I can only imagine the confusion on seeing the New York area code and wondering who could be on the other line. It was not a high school friend, or a former ex-fling, it was Damon Oppenheimer the Yankee`s scouting director. After a brief conversation with Damon, Josh went to go find his celebrating father to tell him the big news, that he had been drafted by the Yankees in the 37th round. Andy and his son embraced and the celebration continued, only this time for both Pettitte`s.

The news isn`t as big as the headlines would like you to believe. Josh Pettitte is still planning on honoring his commitment to pitch for Baylor University this upcoming academic school year. The honor of being drafted by his father`s team still stands and Josh said it best.

[quote]“It’s a good day for the Pettittes, I guess.”[/quote]

After Andy Pettitte stood by the wayside and waited while his son finished with the New York reporters he responded to a question on which milestone meant more to him.

[quote]“It’s all tied in together now for me, though. . . I can’t separate them because they are both together. It all happened right here as the game was ending, so it was just really cool.”[/quote]

It took the veteran Yankee a little bit longer than expected to get number 250. Andy missed the last couple of weeks with some mid to upper back problems and had a below average no decision last Monday. Andy showed up for a solid game on Saturday and pitched a three hitter, six strikeout, and no base on balls game. After the game, Mo Rivera, who got yet another save, yelled across the clubhouse and told Andy that six more years were ahead. The two forty year old teammates laughed and shared another special moment in pinstripes, and who knows, there may be another Pettitte sharing a laugh in the same clubhouse in the future.


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Travis Richardson
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