Anticipating The Blue Jays First Off-Season Move

by Brandon Jopko | Posted on Sunday, November 24th, 2013
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Alex Anthopoulos

As of today, November 24th, the Toronto Blue Jays have yet to make a significant off-season roster addition which leads us into thinking when the first move will be made. A few rumours have been flying around regarding Jeff Samardzija and while that may be true, history tells us that any rumours leaked by the media are 100% false unless the deal has already been consummated just like the big Marlins & R.A. Dickey deals. And the rumour regarding GM Alex Anthopoulos checking in on Matt Kemp, I believe has a shred of integrity to it as Anthopoulos surely would check in on any available player, particularly those who could be a buy low opportunity as Kemp surely may be.

We all know the needs of the Blue Jays leading into the 2014 season, and wonder what exactly they’ll do to address those needs. Are they waiting for the posting process for potential Japanese import Masahiro Tanaka to be finalized? Are they biding their time for free agent prices to drop for big name pitchers like Matt Garza? Are they trying to put together a blockbuster trade that would shake up Toronto’s core?

As the Toronto Star’s Richard Griffin and Sportsnet’s Michael Grange alluded to, Anthopoulos has to do something to maintain fan interest and sell seats to the casual fan as Griffin rightly asserts that the Jays cannot afford a decrease in attendance.

And while popular Blue Jays blogger, Andrew Stoeten, from Drunk Jays Fans declares for himself that “I could take a wait-and-see approach for 2014 with much of the current roster and not even be too upset about it, frankly.”  I’m not so sure Anthopoulos has that in mind, which Stoeten later concludes as well.

Be patient, my Blue Jay friends, be patient. There’s no telling what Anthopoulos has in store.

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Brandon Jopko
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