Are Mike Trout and Wade Miley’s Contracts Fair?

by David Culver | Posted on Tuesday, March 5th, 2013
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Article Written By David Culver

Article Written By David Culver

If you followed either of these two stars at all last year, you know they accomplished great things for their teams as rookies.

This weekend it was announced that Mike Trout was given a contract worth $510k and Wade Miley $500k, both amounts just above the league minimum for 2013 at $490k.

Mike Trout’s agent was perhaps the most vocal in an e-mail to Mike DiGiovanna of the LA Times, “I asked only that the Angels compensate Mike fairly for his historic 2012 season, given his service time,” Craig Landis, who represents Trout, said in an email. “In my opinion, this contract falls well short of a ‘fair’ contract, and I have voiced this to the Angels throughout the process.”

Are these salaries fair or unfair?

According to the 2011 CBA (which is in effect until the end of the 2016 World Series), this is actually more than fair.

Rookies signed to a club are not eligible to negotiate their contract until they are eligible for arbitration, or free agency. As long as clubs meet the minimum salary requirements during this period, they are being fair to the player.

When the player signed on to the team, they agreed to play for a certain amount. Teams are able to increase that amount based on time on the team, achievements, etc. The Angels boosted Trout’s contract by $20k, and the Diamondbacks boosted Miley’s contract by $10k.

Both had great years during their first official rookie year (Miley began with the club in 2011, but towards the end of the year, which made 2012 his first full rookie year).

Both clubs agreed that the players deserved more than the minimum amount. So yes, these clubs are being fair with their players.

This isn’t the point in time for the clubs to be discussing contracts, though they both would love to keep their players. Once arbitration starts for these players, I would expect to see both clubs be even more generous in their offers.

David Culver is an avid baseball fan along with his wife. He will receive a degree in English with a minor in Social Justice from ASU this May. Find his blog at and on Twitter @dfculver.


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David Culver
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David Culver is an avid baseball fan married to a beautiful woman who puts up with his fandom. He received his degree in English from ASU. Follow David on Twitter @dfculver

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