Barry Bonds May Get A Second Chance With The Marlins

by Clayton Richer | Posted on Tuesday, December 1st, 2015
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Barry Bonds was once quoted as saying “I was born to hit a baseball, I can hit a baseball.” Well, Bonds may now get an opportunity to teach players how to hit a baseball as the Miami Marlins appear poised to make Bonds their co-hitting coach. While no formal agreement has been agreed upon, Bob Nightengale of USA Today informs that Bonds tentatively plans to accept the position.

The All-Time career home run leader has not appeared in the majors since failing to find a suitor for his services at the end of the 2007 season, a season where he connected for 28 home runs in his final campaign. Bonds left the game at the height of the BALCO scandal whereupon he was indicted for perjury and obstruction of justice charges stemming from allegations in which he lied under oath about his usage of performance enhancing drugs. Bonds was later convicted in 2011 on the obstruction of justice charge but escaped any incarceration.

Something has to be said for a guy who is not only the All-Time home run leader but also the All-Time intentional walks leader with 688 for his career. The next closet in the history of the game is Albert Pujols with 296 intentional free passes. Bonds had 120 IBB in 2004, his 4th consecutive MVP season. To put that stat into perspective, Josh Donaldson of the Toronto Blue Jays wasn’t issued an intentional walk last season, partly due to Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion but nevertheless, 120 times in a single season is crazy talk. I think this man may know a thing or two about hitting.

The San Francisco Giants did extend an olive branch to Bonds inviting him to be a Guest Instructor for a week during spring training in 2014. An opportunity that Bonds appeared to relish:”I really had a good time here,” Bonds told USA TODAY Sports. “It was fun working with everyone. I think I got to talk to everyone. They picked my brain pretty good.”

The 51-year old Bonds was not perceived as bring overly cordial during his playing days due to spats with the media and teammates, however he now has an opportunity to turn over a new leaf and author a new chapter in the Bonds chronicles.

Bonds’ former Manager Felipe Alou quipped that“Barry is the reincarnation of Ted Williams—with more power.” So you can’t blame the Marlins brain-trust for attempting to capture some of that knowledge for their talented corps.

There is no question the young Marlins contingent could benefit from the tutelage and watchful eye of one of the game’s greats. Just think what Giancarlo Stanton may accomplish if he and Bonds hit it off in the cage.

If baseball welcomed back Mark McGwire and Alex Rodriguez seems like a no-brainer that they should do the same for Bonds.

Everyone deserves a second chance in life…….even Barry Bonds!

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Clayton Richer
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