Bat Flipping And Retaliation Are Part Of Baseball

by Jake Archer | Posted on Saturday, May 20th, 2017
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The other night the most unlikeable player in baseball, Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista, dropped a vicious bat flip on the heads of the Atlanta Braves after taking them deep. The Braves, who seem like they have played “baseball police” many times in the past few years, took exception to Bautista’s showboating and they had some words for him as he rounded the bases.

The Braves made some comments after the game about Bautista and then went out the next day and had their starting pitcher, Julio Teheran, drill him with a 95 mph fastball. Bautista said nothing, but just took his base and moved on. The Blue Jays went on to rack Teheran and knock him out in three innings.

I think this is how it should go when it comes to this type of situation, but yet I see guys like Buster Olney calling out retaliation and saying it needs to go away. No, it doesn’t.

I’m all for bat flips in baseball. If you hit a home run, you should be excited about it. But in this case, Bautista bat flipped on a meaningless dinger while his team was getting blown out. That shouldn’t happen, but that’s beside the point. Bat flips are great for the game because they are fun to watch.

All you need to know though is that if you pimp your home run, you’re probably going to get a heater flying at you sooner than later.

So while I’m fine with the showboating, I’m also in on the retaliation. If a guy shows you or a teammate up, go ahead and drill him in the thigh. That’s how the game goes and how it should continue to go. It’s exciting to watch rivalries and that’s how these things are born, through controversy and bad feelings.

I want my hitters to strut their stuff and I want my pitchers to make anyone who does that to them wear one. Let’s not go soft and start saying this needs to go. That would be ridiculous.

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Jake Archer
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Jake is a sports blogger with a passion for baseball and the Red Sox. He loves pitcher's duels, ballpark food and listening to games on the radio. He's got some strong opinions on things like pace-of-play, the DH rule and more. Follow him on Twitter at @jarcher04.

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