BEARD-grudgingly I Can’t Help But Cheer For The Boston Red Sox

by Clayton Richer | Posted on Tuesday, September 24th, 2013
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Red Sox Beard Pull

Before I dive into my Red Sox admiration rant, I want to provide the disclaimer for this blog. I am a long-time Toronto Blue Jays fan and have been programmed to hate the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. I am supposed to hate John Farrell for leaving Toronto high and dry for his triumphant to return to Beantown. Yet I cant find it within myself to hate these guys, furthermore they are the very gritty, bearded gamers I so wish my beloved Blue Jays would model themselves after.

In my defence, I have suffered severely this season watching the Blue Jays day in and day out fall further in the AL East standings. In a season where optimism had reached levels only attained in 1992 and 1993, the Jays futility started right from the onset of the season. The entire season I have witnessed the Blue Jays strike three whining, the flexing and the damn “Lo Viste” salute every-time they manage to get to second base.  Call me “old school” but when your 23.5 games behind the division leader should you really be show boating every waking moment. Come on boys check the standings, the season has been nothing shy of an embarrassment.

Then I am forced to witness the Red Sox kicking ass and taking names all season in the toughest division in baseball, a campaign where prognosticators had them battling for the basement.  You watch a little more and notice they are a team full of gamers, gritty, never say die blue collar players. The beards, the David Ortiz city revitalizing speech to the masses, the comradery, and yeah, they do kick beer cans into the crowd and yeah some of them do frolic with adult entertainment stars but these guys have an identity something my Blue Jays are so lacking.


These guys genuinely care for one another, have great chemistry and are playing really great baseball. The likes of Mike Napoli, Jonny Gomes, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Dustin Pedroia, David Ortiz and the list goes on. These guys know how to win and it shows.

If you need further proof take a look at the beard pulling and the high fives when Mike Carp makes his way to the dugout after a pinch hit grand slam. You would be hard pressed to find another team in professional sports with this sort of team swagger.

I will admit it, I booed Farrell every time he walked out of the visiting dugout that second series in April at the Rogers Centre but as the season progressed I learned to forgive. Hell, maybe Farrell was onto something, maybe Farrell knew the players would raise their game for him and the gritty additions would compliment the nucleus already in place.

I can guarantee you this, come next April the Red Sox will once again become public enemy #1 north of the border. However for now I am not ashamed to say, come October I may cheer for those hated Red Sox. Those grimy unshaven underdogs from Fenway. Who knows if the Red Sox sign Munenori Kawasaki and he grows a beard, I just may jump ship permanently.

Written by: A saddened Toronto Blue Jays fan!

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Clayton Richer
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Clayton Richer is an MLB scribe from north of the border with a slight bias for the Toronto Blue Jays. Clayton has also been the shop-keeper at Baseball Hot Corner since the sites inception in 2012. Follow and interact with Clayton on Twitter @MLBHotCorner or @ClaytonRicher

  • Sadly, I’m in the same boat…

  • Karr

    From 2012 to 2013, before our eyes, our beloved Red Sox emerged as The Boston REAL SOX!!!

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