Why Betting on Underdogs in Baseball Can be a Good Move

by Clayton Richer | Posted on Wednesday, October 12th, 2016
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If you love baseball then you may also enjoy placing bets on the world series to add to the excitement. This is the case with many people who enjoy the sport of baseball, and most of them tend to back favorites. This is the best idea, right? You want to put your money on the team that is most likely to secure you a return. Actually betting on a favorite is not always the best plan.

If you think about it, you are never going to make large gains betting on a favorite, so you either need to invest a lot of cash or you need to secure a large percentage of wins. On the other hand, if you place a bet on a less favored team you are guaranteed a better return if they win. This is the principle of underdog betting.

Why does underdog betting make sense?

We have already mentioned why underdog betting can be a good idea, but let’s look at it in more detail. The vast majority of people will look to gaining a win as often as possible when they bet; this is why they are more likely to put their money on a favorite. As we mentioned earlier, this is not always the best policy to adopt when you are betting on baseball. There is often more value to be had from putting money on the underdog.

Yes, underdogs may not come out on top as often, but when they do your winnings are higher. This means that you can actually achieve less than 50% of wins when you bet and still come out on top. This figure rises to more than 60% if you stick to betting on favorites. If you are interested in betting on underdogs then the best time to do so is early in the season. This is when lower rated teams tend to play hard to try and establish a run of good results.

It’s also the time before odds have really settled, as the form of teams is better established. If you are betting on an underdog through the season then it’s a good idea to look for teams who have come off a low scoring victory. This is because their confidence will be high and they have shown that they do not have to score highly to win. This means they are not relying on offence.

What else you need to know

Underdog betting can be a good way of securing a better financial return when you bet on the world series in baseball, and if you bet on who will win the world series at the beginning of the season, there are huge odds offered by various sportsbooks because of the long shot factor.

You should make sure you know about things such as betting regulations, the best sportsbooks for baseball betting and how to get the best odds. All of these factors are important in making sure your baseball betting experience is a good one. Here is a good overview of betting on the world series legally before you spend your money.

Hopefully, we have shown you that betting on the favorite is not always a wise move. You may not have as many wins if you bet on the underdogs but this does not mean that you cannot make a decent profit.

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Clayton Richer
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