The Boston Red Sox Are Built To Withstand A Long Season

by Clayton Richer | Posted on Thursday, February 16th, 2017
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MLB: New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox

Major League Baseball schedules an astounding 162 games per season. That’s double the amount of regular season games that the NBA and NHL schedules. And you’d have to multiply the NFL’s 16-game season by 10 in order to match the MLB’s jaw-droppingly long season. Couple the number of games with the fact that baseball produces a high level of injuries and you begin to see the difficulty in managing a big league baseball team. Players are constantly at risk of fatigue and injury which puts the entire roster in flux from day to day.

MLB teams often limp into the postseason using a patchwork of performances by role players and rookies. A single injury to a dependable pitcher or position player can derail the postseason hopes of an entire team. And MLB players are constantly telling the media that they play hurt all the time; that being injured is not binary but on a spectrum. The majority of that spectrum allows them to play through pain. Only the most graphic injuries prevent an MLB player from taking the field.

General managers know this all too well. Most MLB teams try to stock up on starting pitching to get through the season. Many teams create a depth chart that is up to eight pitchers long for a five-man rotation banking on injury throughout the season. Lower income teams must prepare for underperformance from middle-tier free agents. In the end, it is a lot of guesswork. Some players could overperform, especially bullpen pitchers. Some rookies could flourish in the spotlight. And some players, like 2016’s Steven Wright, can hit a hot streak to help their teams into the playoffs.

All of this volatility makes betting on the MLB extremely exciting and unpredictable. It also makes it difficult to set MLB odds which set up the potential for really high payouts by well-informed gamblers.

There is one exception this year. The 2017 Boston Red Sox are built for the long haul and there’s no guess work involved. The team has an impressive starting rotation filled with Cy Young winners and all-stars. They have so much depth in the rotation that the team traded away former star Clay Bucholz. They even have too many outfielders and a plethora of young talent coming up through the system. And the team is plush with bullpen arms.

Even if a record amount of guys go down to injury, the Sox should be able to put together a stellar team throughout the season. MLB odds makers take notice. Gamblers bet against the Red Sox juggernaut wisely. Take your chances over at

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Clayton Richer
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