Brad Ausmus Doesn’t Mind Fans Yelling To Distract Players

by Jake Archer | Posted on Friday, April 21st, 2017
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MLB: Detroit Tigers at Arizona Diamondbacks

On Wednesday, the Detroit Tigers had a rough day in the field. On two separate occasions in their 8-7 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays, a routine fly ball would fall to the ground as a result of a fan in the stands yelling to distract the Tigers fielders. Detroit manager Brad Ausmus has no problem with it.

“It’s fair game, if you’re a fan. I’m not blaming [the] fan or anything. He’s within his rights to do that. We have to make the adjustment,” Ausmus told the media after the game. Apparently Ausmus thinks that the knucklehead in the stands yelling “I got it!” is fine, and he’s more concerned with Ian Kinsler, JaCoby Jones and Tyler Collins figuring it out.

Ausmus did however, take a little bit of a shot at the Tampa fans as he said “I think the acoustics of Tropicana Field helped and the fact that there’s not a huge number of people sitting in the stands.” He added that when you have a normal sized crowd, the background noise just kind of all mixes together and nothing really stands out. Ausmus is probably right as the Rays, known for their bad turnouts, only had an announced crowd of 12,281 during the game.

In my mind, it’s refreshing to hear a manager not make any excuses and rather just put the onus on his players to be better next time. He’s right, the fans are well within their rights to yell out at a player to distract them or heckle them as long as it’s within reason. It’s all fair game. But, I also believe that it is “fair game” for a fan of the other team to go ahead and toss a beer on the offender. If you’re going to be that loser that yells “I got it,” then you need to know that everyone in the section probably hates you, and you might get a beer tossed at you or a punch in the face.

The one thing I will say though, is that a fan yelling this stuff is a lot better than an opposing player doing it. When Alex Rodriguez pulled this like five years ago he just came off like the worst person ever. In that case, that player needs to be getting a fastball right in the rib-cage during his next at-bat.

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