Buck Showalter Should Probably Worry About His Own Team

by Jake Archer | Posted on Thursday, April 13th, 2017
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Look, Buck Showalter is a good manager and a baseball lifer. He’s been around a long, long time and had some success but for someone who’s never won a championship, he really gets praised quite a bit. To me, he’s flawed and he acts like he’s this really high and mighty baseball God. News flash to Buck, you’re no Hall of Famer.

Anyway, Showalter loves to take shots at the Red Sox for some reason since he has become the manager of the Baltimore Orioles and yesterday he continued to do so. When asked about his team’s health he basically said that they have had the flu, but haven’t “broadcasted it to the world.”

That’s a direct shot at the Red Sox, who have had what seems to be a pretty severe strain of the bug that has stretched from the clubhouse even to the broadcast booth.

Showalter said that every team around the league is experiencing the sickness and that “nobody really wants to hear somebody else complain about it.” So Buck got up on his high horse and scolded the Red Sox for disclosing that the team was sick, but then he turned around and disclosed that his team was sick. Yea, that makes a lot of sense.

He also must have not realized that the Red Sox kind of had to tell people why their lineup was featuring Steve Selsky and Marco Hernandez. Maybe he forgot that Boston would be fuming at John Farrell and demanding answers for holding guys out with no reason given. I don’t know how it is in Baltimore, but we take our stuff pretty seriously up here in the New England area so if Mookie Betts is out of the lineup, we need to know why.

I don’t know what Showalter’s problem is with the Red Sox, but he should probably focus his attention elsewhere. Rather than being the grumpy old man yelling at the cloud he could maybe have tried to prevent his club from getting rocked 8-1 last night.

That’s just a suggestion, but I don’t think a man of such great standing takes suggestion from anyone else. He’s way above that and he’ll just leave Zach Britton in the bullpen, thank you very much.

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Jake Archer
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