Buck Showalter Says That Mookie Betts Might Be The Best Player In Baseball

by Jake Archer | Posted on Friday, May 12th, 2017
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I don’t know exactly what to make of this yet, because Baltimore Orioles manager Buck Showalter seems to love needling the Boston Red Sox, not praising them. Maybe he wants to cool the tension between the two clubs, or maybe he just keeps having nightmares of what Mookie Betts did to his team last year, but either way I agree with him. Showalter told The Boston Globe’s Nick Cafardo that “Mookie Betts might be the best player in our league.”

There are a few things that come to mind here as I hear that. First of all, I have never accused Buck Showalter of being dumb and this further proves that he’s a smart baseball guy. I don’t necessarily like him, but he’s a great manager and I believe he knows what he’s talking about. Second of all, I love how Showalter said this as he has Manny Machado sitting in his clubhouse. How big of a temper tantrum do you think Machado threw when he heard his own manager say a Red Sox player was better than him?

Lastly, I really do agree with Showalter’s take here. I am a huge Mike Trout guy and there are a number of outstanding players in the major leagues right now. Mookie Betts has gotten off to somewhat of a slow start before heating up over the last week, but I really think when he’s at his best, there is no one better in baseball.

Mookie Betts is just the complete package that you want when you dream up a baseball player. He’s got it all and he’s shown that he has the ability to hit home runs with the big boys, run the bases with the speedsters and field his position with the most sure-handed guys in the game. Add on the fact that Betts simply does not strike out and rarely hits into double plays and what more could you want?

I think that an argument can be made for some other guys. There’s no definitive best in the game right now and I whole-heartedly understand if you disagree with me. But Mookie Betts is the guy I am taking to start a team right now if I had to. He’s young, he’s exciting, he’s marketable and he’s not even the best he can be yet. I said a year or so ago that he would be “a much better version of Andrew McCutchen” and so far that’s pretty accurate.

Personally, I think Betts got robbed of the 2016 American League MVP Award but hey; he lost it to Mike Trout. Trout’s fantastic, as is Machado and Kris Bryant and a host of others. The game is in a great place with so much young talent right now, but Mookie is the guy I’ll take above all else and it sounds like one of the best managers in baseball agrees with me.

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Jake Archer
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