Bush League Yordano Ventura Needs To Be Taught A Lesson

by Clayton Richer | Posted on Friday, April 24th, 2015
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Trout & Ventura

Baseball has a funny way of policing itself, notorious for an unwritten code of ethics that if crossed usually results in a 95 mph message in the form of a baseball catapulted at you. The recent repeated bush-league actions of Kansas City Royals hurler Yordano Ventura need to be addressed in a big way by the opposition.

The Royals have gone from Cinderella darlings of the 2014 playoffs to the most hated cast of punks on the planet. Ventura has single-handedly smeared the reputation of Ned Yost‘s upstart crew. There is no place for Ventura’s actions in the MLB and the immature pitcher needs to be taught a hard lesson on life in the majors.

The Royals will travel to Chicago to face the Cubs at the end of May, which will be the first opportunity for a National League pitcher to take matters into his own hands on behalf of the league and show this punk what it is like to be on the other end of the 95 mph message.

Lets recap the hot-headed 23-year olds actions over his last three starts.

So did Ventura really think Mike Trout intentionally hit a line-drive back up the box in retaliation to him zipping Trout with a pitch. Trout would have fed Ventura with so many rights, he would have begged for a left had this altercation escalated any further.

I have no issue with Ventura sticking up for his teammate and beaning Brett Lawrie. Everyone including Lawrie knew it was coming, but does Ventura really need to follow Lawrie up the base-paths taunting him to charge the mound. My money again would be on Ventura’s opponent as the red-bull infused Lawrie would have gone full beastmode.

So once again Ventura is angry or pumped up after a fielding a shot up the box and gets into a verbal exchange with Adam Eaton. Again, why does Ventura have to go toward first base ramping up the situation which results in a full-out brawl between the two teams.

Ventura has taken the Royals from Cinderella dynasty to public enemy number one in three explosive starts.

Someone needs to remind Ventura this isn’t the sandlot in the Dominican Republic, this is the major leagues.

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Clayton Richer
About the Author

Clayton Richer is an MLB scribe from north of the border with a slight bias for the Toronto Blue Jays. Clayton has also been the shop-keeper at Baseball Hot Corner since the sites inception in 2012. Follow and interact with Clayton on Twitter @MLBHotCorner or @ClaytonRicher

  • Matthew Everett

    If you watch the play last night, Ventura did a great job just to stop it, he was off balance and went towards the line. He only continued to the line AFTER Eaton started with his mouth for the quick pitch! Ventura didn’t do anything that any other pitcher would have done. Now his actions during the fight is why he was kicked out, not the talk. I do agree that he should have stayed on the mound when he hit Lawrie. Everyone knew it was coming and he should have just hit him and let it go. With trout there was something before he hit the line drive, I think it was Trout complaining to the ump (same as Eaton last night) that upset Ventura. Ventura needs to realize that the batter is upset with the ump, not the pitch or the pitcher.

    • Viva-Infidel

      He still said “F**K YOU!” very clearly to a grown man that could ring his chicken neck with his left hand while punching him in the face with his right.
      And I thought he struggled with English.

      Anyway, very funny to see this little coward hide behind his team after every little drama. I hope he gets traded to NL team just to see his tough guy image grow even softer when he actually has to hold a bat

      I hope he gets his ass whooped for being a drama queen. And if they don’t get him, then they should spike and hit his teammates.

      “Don’t start nufffin’, won’t be nuffin'”

    • Viva-Infidel

      Ventura should take Midol for those cramps of his.

  • Blaine Grider

    Cliche-ridden trash. Get a new hobby.

  • Viva-Infidel

    I love when fake tough guys get checked.

  • Linda Henderson Hennessy

    Wow, I hope you aren’t paid for this hateful drivel! This is an excellent example of why real journalists will always have a job. BTW, at least Ventura does something competently with his dominant hand, unlike you.

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