Can Baltimore Orioles Slugger Chris Davis Maintain His Hot Start?

by Matt Sholtis | Posted on Thursday, May 16th, 2013
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Chris Davis

Starting last season, Chris Davis has basically come out of no where to become one of the best power hitters in the game. He emerged last season in his first full season as a Baltimore Oriole, he hit 33 home runs and 85 RBIs. However, his regular season success could not be found in the postseason, where he hit a cold streak and didn’t contribute much to the Orioles postseason push. If he performed like he did during the regular season, they could have made a run but as we know they lost in the ALDS to the New York Yankees.

You could not get off to a much better start than Davis did to this season. He proved to everyone that last season was not a fluke and that he and the Orioles are for real. Davis started the season off with a 4-game home run streak…that’s right, not 4-game hit streak, 4-game home run streak!! On pace for 162 home runs is not a bad way to start the season. Also in those same four games, he drove in 16 runs and was batting around .600. Now obviously after starting that hot, it’s hard to sustain it and the only direction he could go was down; but he has done a decent job of maintaining fantastic numbers. Right now he is batting  .311 with an AL leading 11 home runs and 37 RBIs which is 2nd behind last years Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera. You could make a very valid argument that Chris Davis has a shot at the AL Triple Crown this season. As mentioned before he is leading the AL in home runs and is second in RBIs so he would just need to raise his average to have a shot.

Now the question becomes can Davis maintain his hot start. He had an unbelievable April but for the first half of May he has cooled off. He is currently on a 6-game hit streak but has not been able to incorporate the power into his game like he did in April. So far in may he has only hit 2 home runs; at this point in April his home run total was at 6. As of late he has been getting hits but has not been able to contribute to the team in terms of run support and RBIs. He had 19 RBIs halfway through April and halfway through May he has 9. A big part of his game is his power so he pretty much lives and dies by the home run and extra base hits. When he can hit a lot of home runs and get a lot of doubles his RBI total will go up, but when his power goes away he is not nearly as affective and tends to strikeout a lot.  So with these stats you can see that Chris Davis has come back down to earth but is still putting solid numbers night in and night out. If he can keep himself relativley close to the Triple Crown race then he will be putting up some good number and will be essentially maintaining his hot start. If his power game leaves him however he could hit a cold streak. It will be interesting to see his stats when the All-Star break rolls  around to see either how much he as declined since April or how good he has been doing at maintaing that very hot start.


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Matt Sholtis
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