Carl Yastrzemski’s Grandson Mike Leads Vanderbilt Commodores

by Deegan Stubbs | Posted on Sunday, May 12th, 2013
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Michael Yaz

There has been no shortage of family involvement in Major League Baseball over the years; the Alou family, Phil and Joe Niekro, Bobby and Barry Bonds, Yogi Berra and his son Dale, Cecil and Prince Fielder to name but a few. In some cases the newer generation outshone the former and in others the shoes of the father were just too big to fill.

Well, if you think some had a tough chore keeping up with their fathers’ legacies consider Vanderbilt University’s Mike Yastrzemski. He’s the grandson of Hall of Famer and Boston Red Sox legend Carl Yastrzemski. Yaz played in the Majors for 23 years and among his many accomplishments were a Triple Crown, two World Series and 18 All-Star Games

Mike, a senior, is a 22 year old left-hitting, right-fielder for the number 2 ranked Vanderbilt Commodores. In 2009, out of high school he was drafted in the 36th round of the MLB first-year player draft by the Boston Red Sox. He was drafted again last summer by the Seattle Mariners who offered him $300,000. But he decided to finish his education, much to his mother’s pleasure!

Yaz has played an important role in his grandson’s development both on and off the baseball field. When Mike was in high school his father, Carl Yastrzemski Jr. died of a heart attack after undergoing hip surgery. He was only 43 years old.

Having a fine pedigree is no guarantee of success in the Majors, but Mike seems to have the tools as well as the name. According to Commodores’ coach Tim Corbin:[quote] “Our program got a lot better when Michael decided to bypass the major league draft and come back to school. He’s a winning kid and player… smart, savvy and very team oriented”[/quote]

The Commodores swept yesterday’s doubleheader against Kentucky. During the double bill Mike Yastrzemski had four hits in nine at bats and knocked in three runs.



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Deegan Stubbs
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