Are Celebrations Getting Too Crazy In MLB Baseball?

by Paul Jack | Posted on Wednesday, October 16th, 2013
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Carlos Gomez

Call me crazy but I love the celebrations, it gets me excited.  If you can’t have fun playing baseball where can you have fun?  If I were to get one at bat in an MLB game and was lucky enough to get a hit, do you think I would keep my head down and quietly stand there?  HECK NO!!!  I would be cart wheeling down the line and moon walking around the bases.  But wait, baseball has more unwritten rules than Goodfellas.  Have you ever watched the highlights of the international games played in Cuba or the Dominican Republic?  It’s like a circus with all the celebrations.

Much has been made lately out of Carlos Gomez and Jose Fernandez at the end of the year, and Yasiel Puig recently.  Let’s take a look at all three and rate them from 1-10, with 1 being a minor breaking of the unwritten rulebook to 10 being a major violation of the unwritten rules.

Jose Fernandez, amped up for his last start of his wonderful rookie season gives up a homer to Evan Gattis of the Braves and he feels that Gattis stared at the homer too long (at best a 2/10 rule breakage).  Later in the game Jose gets a shot at redemption, he blasts his first career HR, a no doubter that he took an extra 2 to 3 seconds to admire (3/10).  Here is where his score goes up, as he rounds third he appears to spit on the bag in front of Chris Johnson.  I had no problem with the stare after the HR, he is a young kid let him have some fun.  The spit crossed the line into an 8/10 rule breakage.

Carlos Gomez facing Paul Maholm launched a bomb over the fence, and he did the whole routine.  Bat flip, stop, stare, slow walk for a couple steps (2/10) but the barking continued down the line.  Gomez barked at Maholm and first basemen Freddie Freeman as retribution for 2 bean balls that Maholm had hit him with in the past (now I say its 0/10, you hit me twice, I take you yard now we are even.)  But captain red-ass Brian McCann wasn’t satisfied with just hollering like he did with Jose Fernandez, this time he met Gomez halfway up the 3rd base line, blocking his path to the plate (6/10 violation, it’s not your job to be MLB police, get outta the way) touching off a bench clearing brawl that actually saw a couple punches thrown.

This brings us to Puig, his most recent offense had 2 different parts, one bad and one I have no problem with.   It’s the playoffs, you need to give 100% on every play bar none.  Puig hits one out to right field that he thinks is out, so for the first 3 or 4 steps he is already in celebration mode.  He then realizes it might not go out so he turns on the jets.  Carlos Beltran makes a bad play on the ball and Puig makes it into 3rd standing.  Had Beltran not misplayed it, Puig’s slowness would have cost him a base (8/10 violation).  When Puig made it to third he then waved his arms upward to riot the crowd and also bobbed his head to the music (0/10 but the old guys hated it)

This isn’t your dad’s MLB anymore, the Latin players are taking over and they bring passion and theatrics which most fans love.  The old guard needs to stop playing MLB cop and start getting them out.  If you get them out, they can’t celebrate.

Here is the video proof of the above mentioned antics:

Yasiel Puig Premature Pimped Triple

Jose Fernandez Infuriates Braves After Homer

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