Chicago Baseball Fans Are In For A Long Summer!

by Paul Jack | Posted on Saturday, May 11th, 2013
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Chicago baseball fans are in for a disappointing summer.

Being a lifelong Chicago suburbs resident, I can only say that I will be visiting Great America a lot this summer.  I can only pray the Hawks and Bulls make deep runs into the summer because the 2 baseball teams are horrendous.  My favorite team the White Sox are even harder to watch than the Cubs.

Everyone knew the Cubs were going to stink this year, they blew up the team to try and rebuild the entire organization.  I loved the moves the Sox made in the offseason bringing in Matt Lindstrom for some back end bullpen help, I liked the Jeff Keppinger move as well, he was decent in Tampa.  In addition they brought back Dewayne Wise (MY GUY!!) for extra bench help.  The starting staff of Chris Sale, Jake Peavy, Gavin Floyd, John Danks and Jose Quintana looked above average especially in the division, I had them as the #2 staff to Detroit.  If the offense was mediocre I had them pegged at about 88 wins.

I love spring optimism!  At this very second they are:

– 29th in team average (Marlins are 30th)

– 29th in runs scored (Marlins are 30th)

– 30th in hits

– 14th in homers (WHEEEEE!)

On the pitching side they are:

– 7th in team ERA

– 3rd in hits allowed

– 14th in walks allowed

– 10th in whip

So the only reason they are only 4 under .500 is because the pitching has been pretty good.  When your offense is that horrendous, the pitching has to be great.  Also on team defense they are tied for 22nd in errors, again doing themselves no favors trying to catch the ball.

On the other side of town the Cubs only have 1 less win than the SOX!!!  14-13 the Sox are in the lead.  The Cubs have such a lack of talent it’s astounding but yet the Sox have only a single more win.

The Cubs are last in errors committed, however on offense they are

– 22nd in team average

– 25th in runs scored

– 20th in runs scored

– 8th in homers

On the pitching side the Cubs are:

– 13th in team ERA

– 5th in hits allowed

– 23rd in walks allowed

– 9th in whip

Same thing as the Sox, a medicore pitching staff but bad defense and lack of a strong offense.

Bottom line is we are in for a brutal summer of baseball here in Chicago.

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Paul Jack
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