Chicago White Sox’ Adam Dunn Is Struggling

by Paul Jack | Posted on Friday, April 26th, 2013
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Adam Dunn

Adam Dunn needs to move down in the Chicago White Sox batting order as he continues to squander opportunities for the White Sox to generate offense out of the clean-up hole.

Let’s put this into perspective, sure it’s only 26 days into the season however Adam Dunn is hitting .097 at this very moment.  He could jump back into the triple digits in average as the game is currently in the 5th inning.  Take a look at that again, .097!!  Words can’t even describe the horror I am feeling in the pit of my stomach.  Memories of his 159 average and 11 homers still haunt me from 2011.  He bounced back so nicely in 2012 to hit 41 homers (with a 204 avg and 222k’s) but at least he was producing something of value.

I thought he was back to his automatic 40 homer ways and erased 2011 as a freak in the wrinkle of baseball!  It is still early so it’s not time to bench him yet however a move down south in the lineup at this point sure doesn’t seem like a bad idea.  Let him get his stuff together and let’s get someone who will put the ball in play at the #4 slot.

At this point to go along with that 097 average he has 28k’s in 70 ab’s, that a 40% k rate, right about where he was last year.  People will forgive a 40% K rate when you are knocking 40 over the fences.  However when you are batting UNDER 100 it looks like a glaring beacon just flashing on and off!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha he just homered!  He is now batting a red hot 110!  I guess it is now my job to write a negative article about him every night, it seemed to work some kind of voodoo magic.  If that’s what I have to do to make him hit, I accept that responsibility.

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Paul Jack
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Paul Jack is an extreme baseball enthusiast, you can follow and interact with him on Twitter @PaulJackSports

  • henry

    how can someone pay Adam Dunn $15 million dollars, when he is not performing? why don´t baseball players get paid based on how they “produce”–if as a baseball batter you go into the field and perform, fine that is what you get paid, if you did not perform well, …(well) sorry, this is what you earned today period…and I bet many more players would really struggle to achieve much better if they got paid by what they “produce” no if´s, no but´s, no maybe´s————–(bunch of prima donnas)

  • Harlan

    I have been saying for 2+ years to move Dunn down to 7th or 8th or better yet just
    dump him. If a team is about winning then the money Dunn is making has to be
    paid one way or another. You cannot win if the clean up batter is batting .110. Yes it
    went up with one hit which is easy when the average is so low. I expect him to
    strike out each time he is at the plate and Adam Dunn thinks he will strike out each time
    he is at the plate. I am beginning to blame Robin Ventura because he is the one to
    put Dunn in whatever batting order he wants. If Dunn is not playing he cannot strike
    out. Moving Dunn out or drop to 7th or 8th should take the pressure off…either way!!!

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