Chicago White Sox Are The Worst Team In The American League

by Paul Jack | Posted on Monday, July 1st, 2013
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White Sox

But Paul Jack the Houston Astros have a worse record!   Yeah but they have a payroll 100 million dollars less than the White Sox.

They can’t be that bad can they?  YES THEY CAN!!  Let’s look at this horrendous June.

21 losses, 8 wins.  EIGHT!!!  Ocho!!  124 million dollar team and they have won 8 games in June.

They have hit 23 homers in June, 3rd to last in the AL.

They have stole the most bases in the June in the AL at 25, WHEEEEE!!!

They are tied for 7th in June in runs scored which is a nice change, the offense is scoring a bit.

But……………….there’s always a but.

The pitching which used to carry them at the start of the year has gone away.  Junes’ team ERA of 4.35 is 2nd to last in the AL.  It’s a shame because the offense is finally scoring a little bit anyways.  Errors have gotten a bit better, they aren’t last in the majors anymore (24th now) but as offense and errors get better, the pitching gets worse.

The double header Friday vs Cleveland sums it up best.  They lost them both by a combined score of 28-18!  At least fans got to see a lot of scoring I guess.

This team is just painful to watch, and it’s only going to get worse.

There is no reason they shouldn’t sell and get what they can for Jesse Crain, Alex Rios and maybe a couple other players that have marginal value.  The depressing part it that the future is bleak for the next couple years.  At the end of this year or next, Adam Dunn, Paul Konerko, Alex Rios will all be gone.

I am praying younger guys such as Alejandro De Aza, Tyler Flowers, Dayan Viciedo, and Conor Gillaspie can take the next step on offense.  De Aza has shown flashes and is on a 20/20 pace for what that’s worth.  However right now this team is just brutal to watch, and the attendance shows it.

The featured video link about sums up this season.

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