Chicago White Sox Bats Come Alive For One Game Against Blue Jays

by Paul Jack | Posted on Tuesday, June 11th, 2013
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Adam Dunn

Last night’s game was an aberration of many sorts.  It was the first time the Chicago White Sox scored 10 runs all year and it was the first fog delay in Chicago in quite some time.

I wasn’t watching the game and was confused when my phone showed delay.  I knew it wasn’t raining as I live in the Chicago suburbs.  My good buddy @mlbhotcorner the Toronto Blue Jays fan alerted me that it was a fog delay.

Maybe I need to fire up my go go Gadget arms and make a fog machine because it produced a 2013 record 10 runs for the Sox vs the very inconsistent R.A. Dickey.

That 10 run outburst did vault the Sox to 27th in runs scored from 29th in the league.  For June alone they now sit at 10th in the bigs in runs scored.  However every game in June bot counting last night has seen production of 3,0,3,0,2,4,7,4,3,4, and 4 runs.  That isn’t going to get it done in the majors and has resulted in a 4-8 record for June.

By comparison the AL Central leading Detroit Tigers are a modest 6-6 in June however their runs scored line for the month looks like 3,0,5,10, 2, 10, 0, 5, 7, 6, 4 and 2.  I see a pair of 5’s, a 7 and 2 10’s.  They have scored double digit’s 8 times highlighted by 2 touchdowns and a field goal on May 4th against the Houston Astros.

Last season the Sox were able to keep pace with Detroit before ultimately folding in the last couple weeks.  This season due to decent pitching and a great backend of the bullpen they have stayed within single digits however I still don’t see any signs of the offense showing consistent results.  Scoring under 5 runs a game isn’t going to get it done no matter how good your pitchers are.

Maybe we can just go against R.A. Dickey every night.

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Paul Jack
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