Cleveland Indians’ Mark Reynolds Gets Sweet Revenge

by Ambreya Eddins | Posted on Thursday, May 9th, 2013
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On Monday, Oakland A’s (RHP) Jarrod Parker drilled Cleveland Indians (INF/DH) Mark Reynolds on the side of his head. Mark Reynolds was okay and he went to first base. Reynolds got his revenge when he hit a homer off of Parker.He stood there for a second and then rounded the bases. Reynolds said that was the “sweetest thing” he has ever done in baseball and “That’s kind of payback for hitting me”. Reynolds said via Yahoo! Sports.

I love Mark Reynolds and I think that was the coolest thing I have ever seen and I am glad that he was okay.

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Ambreya Eddins
About the Author

Ambreya Eddins is a 20 year old native of Florissant, Missouri. She attends Webster University where she is pursuing a career in Legal Studies. Ambreya loves sports and shows no favouritism as she follows every baseball team.

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