Controversial Call Made By Umpires On Adam Rosales Home Run

by Ambreya Eddins | Posted on Thursday, May 9th, 2013
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Bob Melvin & Angel Hernandez

At the top of the 9th inning, Oakland A’s INF Adam Rosales appeared to hit a game-tying home run on Wednesday. The ball hit off the railing in left centerfield and then it came back down. The homerun was under review and after the review, the umpires decided that it was only a double. Everybody was shocked, even the Cleveland Indians broadcasters and players knew that it was a homerun. Bob Melvin came out and argued the call, he was later ejected. The Oakland A’s lost the game 4-3, and now they have lost three straight games in Cleveland. They end their four game series with the Indians on Thursday. After the game some of the A’s players gave Umpire Angel Hernandez glares. It has been a rough series for the Oakland A’s in Cleveland, they are now 18-17.

After the game Oakland A’s RHP Pat Neshek tweeted about the call:


After the game Hernandez, the umpire crew chief   said that it was not enough evidence to overturn the call. He would not go much into details about it. After the game Oakland A’s manager Bob Melvin talked about the controversial call via Mercury News. [quote]”I’ve never felt so helpless on a baseball field, so helpless and so wronged.” [/quote] Adam Rosales also voiced his opinion on the topic. [quote]”This was the worst call, the only four people in the park who didn’t think it was a home run were the umpires.” [/quote]

I agree with them both, the umpires made a terrible mistake and I hope this is a wake up call to Major League Baseball. I do not think that the umpires should make the final decision. I think it should be one of the MLB replay staff in New York, who are watching the game too. Umpires are important too but sometimes they don’t always make the right calls and it could be costly.

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Ambreya Eddins
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