Cubs Players Take Four of the Top Five Spots In Jersey Sales Since The World Series

by Jake Archer | Posted on Friday, April 21st, 2017
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I’m a big time jersey guy, and I always have been since I was a kid. A lot of people are against grown men wearing jerseys, which I think is ridiculous. I have some rules that I follow such as don’t wear a jersey for no reason, like at the grocery store, and also don’t wear a jersey of a player that is younger than you. Since I’m only newly 23, that latter rule hasn’t come into play much yet with me. But anyway, if you’re one of those guys that says wearing a jersey is strictly for kids, you’re kind of a hardo.

Today a list came out of the top selling MLB jerseys since the World Series and I think it’s very telling about a few things. With four of the top five spots being taken up by Chicago Cubs it’s easy to tell that die-hard Cubs fans are excited and love their team. It’s also easy to tell that there are a lot of people jumping on the bandwagon of the World Series champions. The Cubs are an extremely likable team with cool players, so this all makes sense although I do find it kind of odd that Javier Baez is outselling Kyle Schwarber.

Some other things of note include the number of young players that are on the list. Baseball has a wealth of young talent right now and the average age of the players in the top 20 is 26 and half years old. The other things that stuck out to me were that only seven of the players in the top 20 were from the American League and there were only three pitchers in total. I think that pitcher thing will change pretty quickly considering what Chris Sale is doing in Boston right now.

The last real issue I see in this list of jersey sales is that Mike Trout is just barely cracking the top 10. He’s by far the game’s best player and he seems to be a very likeable guy. For some reason though, he’s just not marketable. I guess it’s because he’s rather quiet and his team stinks but man, people don’t appreciate what we’re witnessing with him. It’s about time Mike Trout gets freed of Los Angeles and ends up on the national stage. Just not as a Yankee please. I don’t want that.

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Jake Archer
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