David Ortiz Claiming The Yankees Leaked His Failed PED Test Is Annoying

by Jake Archer | Posted on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017
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I’ll tell you what, I’ve already had enough of this David Ortiz book tour. He is doing way too much media right now and while I love that he is outspoken and doesn’t hold back, I also hate it because sometimes he sounds very dumb and very pathetic. I wrote about how I hated his Bobby Valentine bashing and now I really hate that he’s going all in on a conspiracy theory that the New York Yankees leaked his failed PED test.

When the Mitchell Report came out in 2007, the MLB got its list of steroid users. The Yankees had quite a few current or former players on that list, and the Boston Red Sox had very few. Ortiz believes that because of the PR hit the Yankees were taking over this, the Bronx Bombers took it upon themselves to go after a Boston player.

Two years later in 2009, the New York Times published a story that detailed a 2003 list of players that had supposedly tested positive for performance enhancers. Somehow, Big Papi has made the leap to thinking that the Yankees leaked his name to the New York Times so that they could look a little bit better. This, in my opinion, is a pretty big stretch and makes Ortiz look foolish and overdone.

First of all, Ortiz talks about this 2003 list that he was apparently on way too much. No one really cares, and I’m pretty sure after MLB commissioner Rob Manfred dismissed it, the whole thing became a non-issue. Ortiz is probably getting into the Hall of Fame and he just needs to kick back and enjoy retirement without going out there and sounding like a kook who believes everyone is out to get him.

David Ortiz’s name allegedly appeared on that list along with other big names stars such as Manny Ramirez and Alex Rodriguez. What people don’t understand is that this 2003 test was supposed to be an anonymous survey of the league and the names were never supposed to get out. None of those players were going to be suspended because the substances they were testing positive for weren’t banned yet.

Most of the other big names that were on the list ended up testing positive other times or copping to being a cheater. Ortiz has long maintained that he did things the right way and the league never actually disclosed what he tested positive for anyway. They did say however that not every player on the list took something that was actually illegal. So Ortiz needs to settle down, just say whatever he was busted for was not a banned substance, and move on. It’s getting annoying to hear his woe-is-me act.

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Jake Archer
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