David Price Continues to Show That He Isn’t Wired For Boston By Using Social Media In Bizarre Ways

by Jake Archer | Posted on Tuesday, April 25th, 2017
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Over the first month of the Boston Red Sox’ season, one of the biggest stories has been about what is going on with starting pitcher David Price. As many already know, Price experienced elbow discomfort in Spring Training and never appeared in a game. He went to get checked out by Dr. James Andrews, which usually means doom and gloom, but apparently he got a positive diagnosis.

Well, Price’s “injury” or whatever is going on is still holding him back from getting close to making a start for the Red Sox. There is a lot of mystery surrounding what is actually going on internally, what Price wants, and what the Red Sox management wants.

I’m fairly certain he needs Tommy John surgery and this whole thing is becoming a huge waste of time. The team doesn’t seem to want to concede to that and I’d bet it’s because they can’t face the fact that Price has been an unmitigated disaster so far in Boston.

Anyway, with all this weird silence and mystery going on, not much is being said. So today, Price decided to speak out in the way he knows best, on Twitter. Price has shown that he loves social media and he seems to never quite use it in a positive way. Well today, he continued this by tweeting out the following.

This is all very odd if you ask me. On one hand, I think Price is a softie who can’t take the heat from the media and fans in Boston. I believe that he’s very unhappy and he runs to Twitter too much. I don’t think he and the Red Sox are seeing eye-to-eye right now and rather than directly call them out he’s going to put out a passive-aggressive, somewhat whiny tweet. His behavior is weird and I don’t think it plays in this market.

On the other hand though, I like Price kind of putting out what’s going on and directing further questions to the manager because I think the Sox organization is actually more in the wrong here. I think they are mishandling him and I don’t think they even really know what they are doing.

It’s just a debacle at this point. I do love seeing all the media members up in arms about this tweet because they feel so robbed that he won’t talk to them in person. Those guys are way too entitled and if they get bent out of shape because they think a player owes them something, well that’s ridiculous.

Anyway, no one really looks great in this situation and it’ll probably end up bad no matter what. Price can say what he wants but he needs to stop using social media like a teenage girl and the Red Sox need to start figuring out what they are even doing with him. It’s all very depressing considering that having a healthy, happy David Price right now would make the Sox an absolute behemoth.

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Jake Archer
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  • Scott remy

    David, please don’t judge Boston by the idiots that exist in the market here. We are lucky to have you. The media thinks they are giving the fans what they want but the real fans love you because you are a Boston Red Sox player and we will support you because we understand too well how difficult this market can be. Not to mention how intimidating it can be pitching at Fenway. Just trust your arm and location and be patient. You’ll shine here in Boston and the fans will always have your back.

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