Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush Are Teaming Up to Buy the Miami Marlins

by Jake Archer | Posted on Wednesday, April 19th, 2017
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Ever since Derek Jeter retired from baseball, people have been speculating on if/how/when he would get back into the game. Well, as has long been rumored, Jeter is apparently joining a group of very rich people to buy the Miami Marlins from Jeffrey Loria.

Now beyond the fact that getting Loria out of the game will be a huge win for players and fans alike, I can’t really say I endorse this move. Jeter could obviously never buy the Yankees, but something about him owning the Miami Marlins feels off to me. It’s just such a goofy franchise in a city that doesn’t really care about baseball all that much and Jeter will seem a little out of place there.

The other big reason I can’t get on board here is because the team Jeter is joining to buy the Marlins includes Jeb Bush. Now this has nothing to do with what I think of Jeb Bush’s politics because this site is about baseball, but I don’t take Jeb Bush too seriously. I don’t think I’m alone in that sentiment either after watching how ridiculous he looked during his brief campaign for the presidency.

So that’s my big problem with this plan, that Jeb Bush is involved. He just doesn’t seem like a guy I would really want to get into business with and he is definitely not a guy I would want running my favorite baseball team. I know his brother, the former president George W. Bush, has experience owning a baseball team but those two guys seem about as similar as Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. Jeb may fancy himself a powerful leader of men, but his overall demeanor screams the opposite.

So Derek, go find a different team to buy and while you’re at it, find someone else to partner with. You need someone with some charisma and some knowledge of the game. Don’t get a politician because no one likes them anyway. At the very least, don’t go #AllInForJeb because Jeb Can’t Fix It.

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Jake Archer
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