Derek Jeter Should Not Be Starting All-Star Game

by Clayton Richer | Posted on Tuesday, July 1st, 2014
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Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter is the face of the New York Yankees franchise, a captain amongst leaders and undoubtedly a first ballot Hall of Famer when he hangs up the spikes at the conclusion of this season. What the aging shortstop is not however is a 2014 All-Star and his selection handcuffs the AL contingent seeking that very important mid-summer classic victory.

Jeter currently leads all American League shortstops with 2,924,686 votes, leading a much more deserving Alexei Ramirez who is lagging behind with 2,325,527 votes and J.J. Hardy a distant third. The Yankee faithful have been busy voting their classy hero up the vote ladder and into the starting lineup. We all get that this is Jeter’s farewell tour and it is good for baseball but this game means something, this is for home field advantage in the World Series. Would you not want to field the best possible team to give yourself a chance at the victory? Unfortunately at this tenure in his career, Jeter is way past his prime and not worthy of the selection.

The perennial All-Star has more baseball hardware and accolades than any other active player on the planet as he rides off into the Yankee sunset. He is currently batting .273 but has managed only 11 extra base hits out of his 70 hits on the season and an uninspiring OPS of .663. There is little pop left in his bat and the old wheels are hardly what they used to be but for good measure seeing the man is 40 years of age.

Here are the numbers of his competition who will not start the game:

Alexei Ramirez– Chicago White Sox: batting .298 with 8 home runs, 13 sb and .756 OPS

Alcides Escobar– Kansas City Royals: batting .295 with 2 home runs, 20 sb and .746 OPS

J.J. Hardy– Baltimore Orioles: batting .294 with 2 home runs and a .697 OPS

Jose Reyes– Toronto Blue Jays: batting .264 with 3 home runs, 16 sb and a .732 OPS

Erick Aybar– Los Angeles Angels: batting .283 with 6 home runs, 8 sb and a .753 OPS

Jeter currently sits 5th in batting average, 6th in hits, 8th in OPS, 11th in home runs, 11th in runs batted in, 11th in stolen bases and 11th in slugging percentage amongst AL shortstops. These numbers hardly suggest or scream out All-Star when you digest or compare them to other shortstops that could suit up for the classic.

In the old, meaningless format sure fill your boots and give the veterans their last hurrah but not when the game has meaning and playoff implications. Jeter isn’t lacking in accolades and surely would have benefited from the mid-season rest to gear up for the grueling stretch drive.

Yankees fans did the league a discredit voting Jeter into game, a mistake that may pay dividends for a hungry National League squad in search of a win.

Cooperstown is calling but Target Field on July 15th should not be, an unfortunate reminder that all good things must come to an end, even in New York.

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Clayton Richer
About the Author

Clayton Richer is an MLB scribe from north of the border with a slight bias for the Toronto Blue Jays. Clayton has also been the shop-keeper at Baseball Hot Corner since the sites inception in 2012. Follow and interact with Clayton on Twitter @MLBHotCorner or @ClaytonRicher

  • CM

    Jeter will be making his 14th All-Star appearance this year. He is familiar and comfortable being in the spotlight at an All-Star game where even the other “All-stars” idolize Jeter. To suggest that by him starting the game will be detrimental to the AL squad and place them in jeopardy of winning the game, is laughable. Although Ramirez and a few others may be having a better year, it is not a landslide by any stretch. None of the shortstops are putting up All-star numbers, no one is hitting .300, no one is tearing the cover off of the ball. No one is really All-star worthy, making it all the more easier to have Jeter be in the spotlight one last time.

    I’m sure the other AL players and coaches will welcome Jeter with open arms this year and I certainly don’t think anyone in the AL dugout will be cringing when they see Jeter representing the AL squad at shortstop. Don’t be surprised if Jeter comes through with a few hits and walks away with game MVP. You can never count out the heart of a champion, idol and future Hall of Fame legend.

    • carl

      I agree, look at all the years Cal Ripken made the all star team and his lifetime
      batting avg. was .276. what a joke that was.

    • Todd

      If the other shortstops are having a better year than Jeter, than one of them should be in the All-Star Game instead of Jeter. That’s why we have the All-Star game, for the top players for that year. If that’s not the reason, then why have the darn thing in the first place?

    • BigDeeg

      I agree, Derek Jeter “SHOULD BE” the starting shortstop in the 2014 All Star Game. He is an All Star act and always has been. He will not hurt the American League in any way, shape or form. I wouldn’t care if he was batting .150, he deserves this honor as he retires from baseball. God Bless America!!

  • Anthony

    Derek Jeter should not start the All-Star Game, he should ride the bench until needed. Mickey Mantle was voted onto the All-Star Game in his fading years and did not start and Derek Jeter is not better than Mickey Mantle and ion fact is not even in the same league with him.

  • Kiernan

    To say that starting Derek Jeter is detrimental to the team is absurd. He is arguably the greatest shortstop of all time in his final year and quite frankly, he isn’t doing much worse than any of his competition. There is no “clear cut” starter for the AL right now, so why shouldn’t he start? One person cannot lose you a baseball game. And even if that were true, I don’t think Jeter would be the guy to do that to his team.

  • Mike G

    Derek Jeter deserves all the attention he gets. He continues to be a great example of what a great all around athlete should be. In a society where role models are scarce, he has been a great ambassador for the game of baseball.

    By the way, if I were the manager of the All Star game, there is not another player on either side that I would like to have more in a big spot than Derek. I have watched him since 1996 and he always gives his all for the team and winning. And win or lose he always remains humble…

    We are truly experiencing greatness in its final season, lets embrace it…


  • Aidan

    I happen to agree, there are more deserving players for this season. To say he deserves this based on his past performance and accolades is a fallacy of ASG logic (have the best players for the season to the midway point) if he doesn’t have the current stats to back it up. But Farrell’s probably not gonna keep him in beyond the 4th or 5th inning at the latest anyway, so it shouldn’t be a huge deal.

  • vavoom

    The All Star game voting has been a sham for years now. With basically unlimited online voting the whole process is ridiculous. That being said if Jeter’s fans outgun the rest of the field so be it. I am sure if you totaled the players votes Jeter would win there too. The only time someone gets elected and there is real controversy is when someone gets in for a Hall of Fame career rather than the present season’s performance. The author obviously wrote this article to gin up a response. If he were a true fan of the game he wouldn’t have a problem with the Jeter selection. His problem is with so many people wanting to see Jeter in a big game one last time. Get over it dude and enjoy watching the greatest shortstop to play the game appear one last time.

  • Nick

    Alexei Ramirez LOL!

    You mean the guy who was the AL MVP for the first month and a week of may.

    The guy who hit .230 in June with a .570 OPS and is now hitting .143 in the first week of July.

    Then there is JJ homerless Hardy. Oh, but wait he hit one a week ago or something. He’s good though he hit 25 last year lets vote him in.

    Then there is classic humble DJ whose stats have been better then Ramirez since about the middle of May and when you look at defense the 40 year old is better then Ramirez….-2 uzr for both 9 errors for Aram and 6 for Jeter.

    If your banking on Mr. 500 ops over the last 6 weeks to win you the all star game you got another thing coming. What a joke…

  • That’s a real murderers row you trotted out in your article of SS who are “better” than Jeter. Guess what Clayton. The All Star game is for the fans and the fans want Jeter. And not just Yankee fans as you claim. People would rather see Jeter just because of who he is rather than those clowns you mention. I mean, the casual baseball fan wouldn’t know those guys you love if they came up and bit them on the foot, let alone what team they play for or anything they’ve ever done.

    Since the fans took over the voting, this game has not been about the player with the absolute best stats from top to bottom getting the start. It’s about who the fans want to see in the same way they’ve been packing ballparks all over the country to see Jeter one last time.

    Jeter will be in the game for a few innings and considering his propensity for big things in big moments, he’ll probably do something to help the AL team. Chances he’s going to have a big influence on the outcome of the game are very slim and none.

    Man, what a shallow, poorly thought out article.

  • Net

    Leadoff double! How do you like them apples?!

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