Did Yasiel Puig Just Sucker Punch His Way Out Of Los Angeles?

by Clayton Richer | Posted on Friday, November 27th, 2015
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Yasiel Puig

The ever-evolving Yasiel Puig soap opera took a turn for the worse as the Prima donna reportedly sparked a massive brawl at a Miami martini bar. The initial report looks incriminating for Puig on the surface, speculation is that Puig pushed his sister after a heated disagreement, the Dodgers outfielder then reportedly sucker punched the Bar Manager which incited an altercation with the bouncers. The police had to be called to restore law and order.

This is just another black mark on the long laundry list of Puig indiscretions since joining the Dodgers. The fast driving, talented Cuban has had run-ins with his Manager, teammates and the law.

Recent rumors surfaced that Clayton Kershaw may have even called for his dismissal. Former MLB player Andy Van Slyke appeared on the Frank Cusomano radio show and enlightened the listening audience that “the highest paid player on the team” suggested to the general manager that he trade Yasiel Puig.

So this latest blip on the radar begs the question, is it time for the Dodgers to cut ties with their wild horse, while there are still some teams willing to take a chance on Puig?

The 24-year old only suited up for 79 game’s last season batting a career low .255 with a .758 OPS and 11 big flies. Puig has the ability to be one of the games most electrifying talents when healthy and inspired. However, he still tends to give his Manager fits with his plate discipline, ill-timed defensive lapses and costly base-running blunders.

Unfortunately the often tardy Puig does not seem to be grasping what it takes to be a consummate professional on a day-to day basis for the Dodgers.

Like it or not, the time has come for the Dodgers to cut ties and ship the thick-skulled Puig out of the “City of Angels” before he has a date with the devil.

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Clayton Richer
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