Digital Diamond Baseball Game Simulates Above The Competition

by Clayton Richer | Posted on Monday, September 16th, 2013
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Digital Diamond Baseball

With the baseball season winding down look no further than Digital Diamond Baseball to satisfy your baseball needs. The Java baseball simulator runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and puts you in the driver’s seat of your very own major league team managing from the comfort of your home.

Digital Diamond allows you to play individual games or an entire baseball season calling all the shots while managing your favorite team to victory. You have access to any season in MLB history utilizing over 100 free player libraries.  In addition, Digital Diamond makes it easy to create new player libraries by importing players from, the Lahman Database, or any of the 100 existing player libraries.

I was afforded the opportunity to test the Digital Diamond Baseball experience first-hand and was impressed to say the least. The historic players available at your fingertips make this gaming experience top notch and a must for the true baseball fan. The likes of Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Mickey Mantle and modern era stars like Ken Griffey Jr, Cal Ripken and Tony Gwynn is something any baseball fan from any era can enjoy.

The game is highly addictive with so many features that make you feel like you are at the helm of a MLB team. The game allows you to build team profiles that allow you to specify lineups, starting rotations, reliever usage, and manager tendencies so you can be sure the computer manages a team exactly as it was managed in real life.

You can compete in a league with other Digital Diamond Baseball customers all the while creating a library of fictional players and track them through their careers. As players age their performance will vary, and when players retire they will be automatically replaced with fresh recruits.

While playing you can rely on the actual lineups that were used in real-life, or create and save custom lineups that you can use when you manage your favorite team, or that the computer manager will use during fast play.  You can also customize the game by including your own custom play-by-play, ballpark images, team logos, and player pictures.

You have the ability to configure over 50 different options that control how games are simulated and use the Matchup Screen during the game to find just the right pinch hitter or relief pitcher for the situation.  You can even play the game in “card-and-dice” mode and roll real dice to determine game outcomes.

Digital Diamond Baseball is affordable to say the least and also offers a free trial version. Don’t just read about it, try it out for yourself at Just remember BHC sent you.





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Clayton Richer
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