Early All-Star Lineups For The National League

by Jake Archer | Posted on Thursday, June 1st, 2017
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The first results for MLB All-Star balloting were just announced today and after taking a look at them, they don’t look as awful as the past two years were. There are a few holes though so I wanted to correct those and put out my thought on what the balloting should look like at this point, over a month away from the actual game. This is the second of two parts with the first part being the American League, which I blogged yesterday.

Catcher- Buster Posey (Actual Leader Right Now: Buster Posey)

This was a tough choice just because I don’t really like Buster Posey, but his numbers are so much better than anyone else’s. He’s got a decent sized lead in the voting over Willson Contreras, Yadier Molina, Matt Wieters and Yasmani Grandal. You’ll see a theme here that Cubs fans are coming out in droves to vote for their players even if they are not deserving. Ugh. The National League catchers all have pretty bad numbers but behind Posey, I’d say it should be Grandal, Molina, Contreras and J.T. Realmuto.

1st Base- Ryan Zimmerman (Actual: Anthony Rizzo)

This was honestly really hard because Paul Goldschmidt is having an unreal year. I had no idea that guy stole bases and he has 12. But Zimmerman is killing it and deserves the start across the diamond from where he used to be an All-Star. Rizzo isn’t having a bad year but he isn’t in my Top 5. The way the fans are voting right now though, it goes Rizzo, Zimmerman, Freddie Freeman, Goldschmidt and Eric Thames. It should be Zimmerman, Goldschmidt, Votto, Freeman and then Justin Bour.

2nd Base- Daniel Murphy (Actual: Daniel Murphy)

The voters got it right again here as Daniel Murphy is having an outstanding season. Behind him they’ve got Javy Baez, Brandon Phillips, Kolten Wong and then DJ LeMahieu. Murphy has a huge lead and he should. The National League second basemen also don’t really impress me. Behind Murphy I like Baez, Neil Walker, Dee Gordon and then Cesar Hernandez.

3rd Base- Jake Lamb (Actual: Kris Bryant)

Another example of the Cubs fans getting out and voting. I suppose Bryant has become popular among all baseball fans and he’s having a pretty good year but as of right now he isn’t a starter for me. He’s got a huge lead over Nolan Arenado, Justin Turner, Jedd Gyorko and Anthony Rendon. Notice how most of these players are from teams with big fan bases. This is why we don’t end up with the best of the best because fans of small market teams don’t care and don’t vote. In my mind Jake Lamb is the clear starter followed by Arenado, Bryant, Travis Shaw and Eugenio Suarez.

Shortstop- Zack Cozart (Actual: Corey Seager)

Zack Cozart has come out of nowhere to be the best shortstop in the NL, and maybe the majors, this year. He should be getting the nod followed up by Chris Owings, Trea Turner, Corey Seager and Aledmys Diaz. But the fans have it as Seager, Addison Russell, Cozart, Owings, and Turner.

Outfield- Bryce Harper, Marcell Ozuna, Charlie Blackmon (Actual: Bryce Harper, Charlie Blackmon, Jason Heyward)

This was the closest call by far. There are quite a few deserving players in the National League outfield but only three can start. Of course, the NL will need a DH but this blog is only about what is being voted on. The fans definitely got Harper (who has a HUGE lead to no surprise) and Blackmon right, but Heyward is just Cubs fans being annoying. Adam Duvall, Matt Kemp, Ozuna and Giancarlo Stanton all could be considerations to start. Hopefully one of those guys gets in, especially a Marlin since the game will be played in Miami.

So there you have it! Those are my picks for who should actually be leading the first National League All-Star balloting. Chicago Cubs are in the Top 5 (or Top 6 in the outfield) at every position. Hopefully, the Cubs fans can settle down because they are becoming almost as embarrassing as Royals fans were for while.

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