Edwin Encarnacion Emerging As Blue Jays Superstar

by Daniel Levitt | Posted on Thursday, May 2nd, 2013
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Edwin Encarnacion

If I had told you two years ago that Edwin Encarnacion would be leading the Toronto Blue Jays in home runs, RBIs, walks and OBP since the start of 2012 you would have probably laughed, in my face. Well folks that is exactly what the Dominican native has done. With injuries hampering Jose Bautista for the past two seasons, Encarnacion is emerging as the new superstar sensation of the Blue Jays franchise.

I will be completely honest with you from the start: I was probably Edwin’s biggest critic during a period back in 2011 when he simply could not hit anything. I used to irrationally think that his place on the team was completely worthless. That’s not to mention his awful defensive contribution where he committed eight errors in just thirty starts at third base. I would have been surprised to see him catch even the flu.

But after his breakout season in 2012 when he hit 42 home runs and 110 RBIs, and with his surging form this season, I am falling in love with the dude. From the more rational point of view I stand with today, the guy is just flat-out amazing. I am convinced that his struggles at the hot corner two years ago amplified the pressure upon his performance at the plate. But since his transition to first base and platoon at the DH spot, the twenty-nine year old has reduced pressure and less to think about, and his production has soared as a result.

It is not just me who thinks this either. His performance at the World Baseball Classic in March, where he helped the Dominican win the championship with an unprecedented undefeated record, caught the eye of both his peers and fans worldwide. His numbers thus far in the 2013 season shows that he has left right where he left off in 2012. Despite early struggles, he is now seeing pitches the size of basketballs and I am sure he is on his way to his first ever All-Star selection. Currently signed to a $27 million three-year contract, Alex Anthopoulos and the Blue Jays have an absolute steal in Edwin Encarnacion. Here’s to another 40 and 100 season. Go Encarnacion. Go Jays!

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Daniel Levitt
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