Fat Lady Time, Drop The Curtain

by KC Baker | Posted on Sunday, September 27th, 2015
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I am calling it. It’s time to drop the curtain on the Astros€™ season. The fat lady may not be singing but she’s warmed up and waddling toward the microphone. My Jolly Orange Giants have been humbled. I hate the Rangers. I have no respect for them. I despise one tool players like Prince Fielder. But the painful truth is, they are hot and are playing fantastic baseball. They are humiliating the Astros in their own house after treating them like a punching bag in that god-forsaken baseball desert that is Dallas-Arlington-Fort Worth-Plano-whatever. As difficult as it is for me to do this, I must tip my hat to their game. Good for you Texas Rangers; you are earning it.

Now then; I aint going anywhere as an Astros fan. Altuve and Co. had an exciting season. I probably will not watch many of the season’s final games but only because it is simply too painful to watch my Stros struggling and fading away after such a great run. I think the best and ultimately hopeful explanation for their plight is that they are just too young and have no pennant race experience. As expressed in these pages before, I long ago worried that my mighty, mighty Stros were not sufficiently calloused for the rigors of playoff level baseball. It remains my assessment as I watch nerve-addled overthrows to first and home and wild swings at crummy pitches. Is it accurate? Who knows; but it’s as good an explanation as any and it offers hope. So that’s my story and I am sticking to it.

Sports Illustrated predicted the Astros would take the Series in 2017. Surprisingly, Houston broke out a couple of years earlier. The bad news is this year™s fade. The good news is that it portends great things for next season and seasons after that. Our squad is young; future superstar Carlos Correa just turned 21. In addition to his rookie of the year fielding, he’€™s already respected as a fearsome hitter with pitchers throwing around him or just putting him on. He was intentionally walked to pitch to veteran power hitter Evan Gattis as a 21-year-old rookie. Wrap your brain around that for a second and while you are at it, try to count the number of times that has ever happened. I remember back in the day when Glenn Davis was walked to put rookie Craig Biggio at the plate. Craig went yard but that’€™s not the point; point is that it is rookie Correa that’s being walked to throw to the veteran.

Then there is Springer and Altuve who while skilled are still on the rise. Mix in utility players Marwin Gonzalez and Luis Valbuena, the latter of which leads the Astros in home runs. Colby Rasmus, Jake Marisnick, Jason Castro and Jed Lowrie are exciting and talented in their own right. And now all of them have the experience of an intense run for a pennant. With all the beatings by the Rangers et. al., they are building up the necessary callouses that will enhance their obvious talent and allow them to play with more confidence and grit when the season is on the line in every game. It will serve them well next year and provide this fan with even more joy next season. And it’s not that far away. I will be there wearing my old school Astros cap with bag of peanuts and overpriced beer.

Therefore, let the portly woman emerge. Turn up the volume and let her belt out that sad, sad song. I will personally drop the curtain without regret. It’s been too great a season and next year, my mighty, mighty Stros gonna kick that ass all the way to the Fall Classic.

See you then my funky friends.

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KC Baker
About the Author

K.C. Baker is an old school Astros fan, spending many a hot summer day in the cool confines of the Dome. He just finished his 28th year as a practicing attorney and likes to spend all of his spare time in New Braunfels, Texas with his wife of 29 years and their three children. Follow him on Twitter @KenCBake

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