Francisco Lindor; The Wizard

by Gordon Watkin | Posted on Saturday, July 11th, 2015
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Francisco Lindor

A wizard is upon us, and his name is Francisco Lindor.

Nicknamed the wizard due to his impressive defensive prowess, Francisco Lindor is now an everyday Major League player. The expectations are lofty despite his young age, but some see Lindor as the next Omar Vizquel both with the stick and glove. The smooth fielding shortstop has incredible range backed with an even better arm, and has upside to be a perennial 12-15 homerun hitter to accompany 25+ stolen bases. Gold gloves are projected to be an annual achievement, and the Indians‘ future is largely dependant on what Lindor is or is not able to do.

Nonetheless Lindor is still a kid, just 21 years old, and has shown some adjustment/growing pains thus far offensively. Contextually speaking, he has been amidst the most patient Indian hitters at the plate, and has shown a surprising amount of power given what was originally projected. Being a switch-hitter will be invaluable for Cleveland going forward, especially given Lindor’s swing is nearly identical from both sides of the plate which will translate to consistency long-term for the young shortstop.

The Indians were very patient with Lindor, and are adamant that he will be slowly brought along, but putting a 21 year old ein the two hole for his major league debut may attest more to the expectations the club has going forward. As this article is being written Lindor worked a favourable 3-1 count and laced a ball into right-centre hitting from his off-side (left) for his second hit in 3 innings off Kendall Graveman. More impressive than his skill set is his professional demeanour which includes how he handles tough media questions. Teammates have already attested to the quality human being Lindor is, and have called him “wise and mature beyond his years”. In a recent interview with an writer, Lindor praised fellow rookie shortstop Carlos Correa of the Houston Astros, proclaiming his skill set to be of generational pedigree. Such a remark shows a professionalism that is often not seen in young players, and his humble demeanour is what will constantly drive Lindor to improve.

From the moment Lindor was drafted, Indian fans near and far have waited patiently for the complexion of the infield to change. The time has come, and Lindor is now gracing us with his presence. Along with the young Giovanny Urshela, it appears Cleveland may have solidified the left side for the next decade which could potentially now feature a unique combination of speed, power and defence.  A once porous hole at short and third manned by Cabrera/Chisenhall than Ramirez/Chisenhall appears to be filled. Only time will tell if Lindor will live up to the hype, as many elite prospects come and go without ever becoming more than a distant memory of “what could have been”, but even if Lindor becomes half of what he is projected to be, an above average talent has been inserted into an Indian lineup that desperately needs to improve its defence.

Welcome Francisco Lindor, Cleveland has been waiting and is counting on you.

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Gordon Watkin
About the Author

Gordon is a Sport Management graduate from Brock University. He has a background playing professional soccer, but is an avid sports fan particularly of the Cleveland Indians. Follow Gordon on Twitter @GordonWatkin.

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