Giancarlo Stanton – Baseball’s Most Sought After Man

by Marc Keller | Posted on Monday, April 22nd, 2013
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Giancarlo Stanton

How is a player with a .182 AVG, 0 HR, 0 RBI, and a .600 OPS, the most sought after man in all of Major League Baseball?  Because before this season, this player’s season averages were .268 AVG, 39 HR, 98 RBI, and .895 OPS; all at the ripe age of 23 and making a generous $537,000 salary.  This player is Giancarlo Stanton of the Miami Marlins.  There is no doubt that Stanton is under-achieving and off to a rough start, but that still doesn’t cloud the fact that come baseball’s trade deadline on July 31st, all of baseball will have their eyes on the Miami area code.  Whoever there phone carrier is, they better get the back-up to the back-up switch board ready, because the Marlins phones will be ringing constantly from teams wanting to inquire about Stanton.

Acquiring Stanton from the Marlins won’t come cheaply.  His contract is very team friendly for this season, however this is the last year of his current contract and he is eligible for salary arbitration after this season.  He will most definitely command a lot in arbitration, I’m guessing somewhere between $12-15 million.  But if the Marlins do want to hold onto Stanton for next season, they can do so because they have no real significant salary commitments.  The Marlins are a young team and could use a good, stable bat in the middle of their lineup.  If they truly believe the talent is there to win relatively soon, they could conceivably keep Stanton and just take him to arbitration until he finally becomes a free agent in 2017, and trade him just before then if they aren’t winning.  But knowing the Marlins, it’s unlikely that they keep Stanton pass this season’s trade deadline.

So what is it going to take to acquire Stanton from the Marlins?  To acquire a player of Stanton’s skill-set, and especially at his age, it is going to take a huge package of elite prospects with at least one or two of them either being at or near major league ready.  I also feel whoever trades for Stanton will do so with the intentions of signing him to a long term deal.  You wouldn’t give up multiple elite prospects for a one or two year rental of Stanton, so you can bet that the major-market teams will all be in on Stanton come the trading deadline.  So let’s play GM and mock out some trade proposals for Stanton.

Trade proposals – The obvious choices

Trade – Stanton to the Texas Rangers for SS Jurickson Profar, SP Martin Perez, 3B Joey Gallo

Analysis – Profar is arguably the best prospect in all the MLB baseball and a star in the making.  He’s a 20/20 guy at the SS position, and players like Profar are hard to come by.  With the Rangers signing current SS Elvis Andrus to an 8-year extension and current 2B Ian Kinsler showing no signs of willingness to move to 1B or a corner OF position, Profar’s path to the major is blocked for now.  Netting Profar, along with Perez who has a ceiling of a #3 starter and Gallo you could be a serviceable 3B, would be a great haul for the Marlins.

Trade – Stanton to the Boston Red Sox for OF Jackie Bradley, SP Allen Webster, and SS Jose Iglesias

Analysis – This would be a good haul for the Marlins in that each one of these prospects is major league ready now, or if not now definitely next year.  Bradley has shown his struggles in his first stint in the majors, but all signs point to him having the tools to be a good corner OF in the majors.  Webster would be the key prize of the deal, as he can be a front-line starter in the rotation.  Iglesias is a defensive-minded SS, and sometimes that just all you need to be for that position.

Trade – Stanton to the New York Mets for SP Zack Wheeler and C Travis d’Arnaud

Analysis – This trade has actually been rumored, and I would do it if I were the Mets.  When you are running out an OF consisting of Lucas Duda, Collin Cowgill, and Marlon Byrd, adding Stanton would be a major upgrade.  Additionally, playing in NY were its all Yankees all the time, they have to do something in order to stay relevant and steal some back-page headlines.  Getting Stanton would definitely turn some heads and make New Yorkers take notice of the Mets.  For the Marlins, you are getting two very solid starters who are ready now to play in the majors.

Trade – Stanton to the Detroit Tigers for SP Drew Smyly, 3B/OF Nick Castellanos, and RP Bruce Rondon

Analysis – The Marlins and the Tigers have plenty of trade history together.  They have been trade partners on two big trades in the past.  A few seasons ago, the Marlins traded triple-crown winner Miguel Cabrera to the Tigers for a package of prospects, and just last season the Marlins traded SP Anibal Sanchez and 2B Omar Infante to the Tigers for prospects.  Since the Tigers do have a direct line to the Marlins, you can’t rule them out.  The Marlins would be getting back a quality SP in Smyly, a highly-regarded 3B in Castellanos, and a hard-throwing future closer in Rondon.

Trade – Stanton to the New York Yankees for C Gary Sanchez, OF Slade Heathcott, and SP Manny Banuelos

Analysis – If the Yankees aren’t careful, in two years they could realistically be fielding a team feature Robinson Cano and a bunch of 4A players.  The Yankees don’t have the elite prospects the Marlins may command, and this is probably the best package of prospects the Yanks could offer.  But let’s be real, why would the Yankees even trade their best prospects to the Marlins for Stanton when they can just sign him as a free agent after the 2017 season.  By then, the prospects mentioned in the trade above will probably be at the major league level and Stanton would be the perfect bat to complement them.

Trade Proposals – The Wild Cards

Trade – Stanton to the Tampa Bay Rays for OF Wil Myers and SP Alex Cobb

Analysis – With the AL East being as tough of a division as it is, it is conceivable that all four teams could be within a few games of each other for the division title.  If that is the case, someone will have to make a move that separates themselves from the herd.  Enter Stanton into the mix.  The Rays have a lot of SP in their farm system.  They could afford to part with Cobb, who is pitching quite nicely this season as the Rays #4 starter, and his ceiling doesn’t stop there.  And Myers has the tools to be a star in the majors.

Trade – Stanton to the Pittsburgh Pirates for SP Gerrit Cole and OF Starling Marte

Analysis – I doubt the Pirates actually would do this trade because it would take an awfully good player to pry Cole from their system and I doubt the Pirates would be able to sign Stanton to a long term deal.  But the question is, how badly do you want to make the playoffs?  When you hold the longest playoff drought in MLB baseball, I imagine it’s pretty bad.  If the Pirates are sitting there at the trade deadline, either 2-3 games ahead or behind in the playoff or division race, do they make the call?

Trade – Stanton to the Arizona Diamondbacks for SP Tyler Skaggs, 3B Matt Davidson, and SS Chris Owings

Analysis – The D-backs wouldn’t be in the market for a RF if they would’ve just held onto the one they had before, but such is life.  Currently, Skaggs, Davidson, and Owings seem to be positioned blocked.  Why not flip them for a budding star?  The D-Backs have plenty of young SP currently in their rotation, so Skaggs could be somewhat expendable for the right player.  Skaggs has all the makings of being an ace or very good #2 starter, someone the Marlins would be very interested in acquiring.



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Marc Keller
About the Author

Marc Keller is a Senior Writer for Baseball Hot Corner. His three greatest loves in life are his wife, son, and the San Francisco Giants. You can follow and banter with him on Twitter @mrarmchair.

  • KingCorran

    Interesting that you overlooked the Mariners. The Fish probably wouldn’t be able to pry Mike Zunino out of the system, but that still leaves Top-100ish prospects SP Danny Hultzen, SP James Paxton, SP Taijuan Walker, SP Brandon Maurer, SS/2B/3B Nick Franklin, SS Brad Miller… and don’t forget ace rookie bullpen arms like Capps and Pryor.

    Seattle has incredible depth, and a need for Stanton. What would the Marlins say to an offer of Hultzen/Paxton/Maurer (pick two), Franklin, Capps/Pryor (pick one), and a throw-in of some kind?

    • Marc Keller

      I wanted to focus on teams that would be at or near the trade deadline. Plus, the Mariners front office is in such flex right now that they are not in a position to make a big trade. Without knowing who the new GM is going to be (presuming the old one is/will be fired), I don’t think ownership would approve a trade for Stanton. But for hypothetical reasons, any trade would have to include either Hultzen or Walker, Franklin (who I saw at Spring Training and looked awesome), and probably Capps over Pryor. This is of course assuming Zunino is off the table, which may just end all talks if he is.

      • Kurt

        Actually they are more likely to let Zduriencik trade for a guy like Stanton because it would cost a lot of prospects and if the prospects turn out good and Stanton doesn’t continue to produce, they don’t want a new GM making that decision and having to wear that trade for the rest of his time in Seattle. Whether the Mariners stay with Zduriencik or fire him, there is enough control years with Stanton to re-trade him in a couple years or to build around him. He’s 23, not 30. They aren’t going to go full re-build anyways if Zduriencik is let go this year. Really, I see Wedge as the problem and it’s unlikely Zduriencik gets shipped out if it means losing McNamara and the scouting department. Plus, Felix is dictating terms in Seattle and won’t be so quick to let Jack leave without fighting for him.

  • gary filmore

    What about Baltimore? Bundy, Shoop and Strop.

    • Marc Keller

      Bundy just went to go see Dr. James Andrews. Good luck with that. Plus, you guys are winning without Stanton and doing so with an already suspect starting pitching staff. Why mortgage your farm system for a half-season rental player who you won’t resign?? Be patient, once Gausman and Bundy (assuming he’s ok) come up and the O’s finally move Machado to SS and bring up Shoop to play 3B, you guys will be set for a few years.

      • Kurt

        Let’s be clear, just because he’s traded at the deadline in July doesn’t mean he’s to upgrade the team for just 2013. Players like him won’t be available through free agency or trade and definitely not with the better part of a decade before decline and another half decade before he’s showing his age. The question is not whether he helps a team win in 2013 or whether a team is rebuilding their team or who the GM is at the time. Every team is instructed to make a play for him if they have the ability to acquire him within reason. The problem as I stated below is thatonly a few teams have the talent and most of them won’t be desperate enough to get him. Only two or three teams will be in on him and the Orioles won’t be in on him because they lack the talent, not because they lack the desire or the need.

  • Gweg

    Nice to dream high… but in reality your not getting from Texas anywhere close to Profar and those two… a package of Perez, Gallo, and Neil Ramirez (mid no 3 rotation starter) . from Boston realistic look at what they would give up is Brentz, Swihart, and Anthony Ranauldo. or possibly Owens if the Sox are in need of a replacement outfielder at mid season. The best bet would be Mets if they stay in contention and that is unlikely. Tampa won’t want to pay him after his arbitration of 11 or higher so they are probably out. somehow a bidding war with Pitts and Arizona doesn’t seem likely.

    All in all you may need to pipe down your expectations for Miami and this huge dream of a world beater trade. All the teams now know that the Marlins management is cheap and they will use it to their advantage. The day of the huge trade for high tier prospects is becoming a thought of the past as more teams are keeping their young stars and signing them to bigger contracts. Stanton also wants out and it is effecting him it appears, think Carl Crawford.

    • Marc Keller

      You are forgetting that prospects are just that, prospects. Not all top prospects pan out or live up to the hype. Ask the Marlins how the trade of Miguel Cabrera to the Tigers works out for them? They suppose got a huge haul for him in SP Andrew Miller and CF Carmon Maybin and both are no longer with the team. Stanton is a proven All-Star at age 23 (though I know he’s not playing like it right now), so he is going to command a lot in return. And not just high-raterd prospects, but major league ready talent. You just don’t give away a player like Stanton for prospects in high-A ball who are at least 2-3 years away and may not even pan out.

  • Ninth Doctor

    Dude, Royals were skipped as well. No way Fish turn down Yordano Ventura, Jorge (bro of former Fish Emilio) Bonifacio, Cheslor Cuthbert, and Miguel Almonte, all Top 100 guys.

    • Marc Keller

      Why would the Royals give up four top 100 guys for a one-two year rental player? And since when did the Royals have the budget to pay for a player like Stanton? Royals aren’t getting involved with Stanton.

  • Xlos713

    i think the Dodgers could do something to pry Stanton from Miami. They took Hanley so they could swoop in and steal Stanton

  • Last Sane Man

    You can’t be serious with some of these trades?! Is somebody a closet Marlin’s fan? All of these proposals, aside from the Yankee trade, are heavily tilted in the Marlin’s favor. Texas should laugh at that proposal. As should the Mets. A Harvey & Wheeler top two can lead that organization to consistent success over the next 10 yrs. As good as Stanton is, you win with pitching. Wheeler’s untouchable.

    • HobokenMetsFan

      I laughed at the Mets proposal as well. No way a team in the Mets position trade their two top prospects, who are slated to take prominent roles on the team moving forward, for one OF (regardless of how good he is.) Stud pitching/catching (which is what the Mets hope they have in wheeler and TDA) is much harder to find then a stud corner OFer.

      1 of those two would go with additional filler, both is crazy talk.

  • hawkny

    The Red Sox won’t part with Webster but Iglesais, Jackie Bradley and their first round pick of 2014 might be doable…

    • Marc Keller

      I can see the Red Sox saying no with Webster in the deal. Maybe sub out Webster and throw in Matt Barnes and it could still work.

  • Ryan25

    Those packages are all way too weak. Two years of Miguel Cabrera got back 2 top 10 prospects, plus others. Two years of James Shields returned a top 5, top 100, plus others. Dan Haren to the D-Backs returned a top 25, top 50, two other players who were top 100 the following season and two other pitchers. Mat Latos returned two top 50, a back end relief prospect and a SP that had previous big league success. Two and half years of Hunter Pence got Houston back two top 50 prospects.

    Three and half years of Stanton is worth much more than any of the players mentioned above. It will take a top 10-15 prospect, plus two other top 100 prospects and probably another 1 or 2 team top 20 prospects to get him.

    Texas would be Profar, Olt, Perez and 1 or 2 others. Boston would have to add Bogaerts to the above proposal. The Mets would need to add a couple of C+/B- types. The Tigers would need to add Garcia and probably someone else. All of these proposals are lacking at least one top 100 type and in some cases more. Stanton is one of the top 5, if not top 3, most valuable trade chips in all of baseball. The Marlins would be foolish to accept any of these proposals as is.

    • Marc Keller

      Man, talk about a contrasting view from the other comments above. Every other commenter thought I was crazy with the level of highly-rated prospects I was involving in some of these trades. I agree that some of these trade proposals would use an additional prospect or two, but the point of the article was just to highlight the main principles and frame work of a deal that it would take to get Stanton.

  • Kurt

    These comments are beyond crazy… These trade ideas are light, not heavy on prospects…
    There are only a few teams that have the prospects and the desire for a guy like Stanton.

    NL East:
    Nobody here is getting Stanton, they just aren’t. If they get a Miller/Maybin type package like they got for Cabrera, and then have to watch Stanton beat their brains in for the next decade, they’ll never recover.
    NL Central:
    Reds – No more room for big contracts, plus the lack of prospects prevent this happening.
    Pirates – Paying Cutch + Stanton & decimating the farm leaves no money for FA pitchers.
    Cardinals – They could, but why? Taveras could equal Stanton, w/o losing prospects.
    Brewers – Two superstars in one of the smallest MLB markets? Nope, not going to happen.
    Cubs – Prospects & Money, double check. But Marlins aren’t going to want risky prospects.
    NL West:
    Giants – Not enough prospects to deal.
    Dodgers – Don’t need an OF, any deal would require two trades, plus Marlins paying Puig.
    Padres – They had the prospects… Until Kelly and Gyorko
    Rockies – They have the prospects, but would be better spent on pitching in Coors Field.
    D-backs – They won’t and shouldn’t push all their chips (money + prospects) in on one guy.
    AL East:
    Blue Jays – Aaron Sanchez is intriguing, but there’s not much left after him.
    Yankees – They don’t have enough non-OFs, plus name a top 30 NYY prospect w/o a DUI.
    Red Sox – They have the guys, but sending losing another Hanley(Bogaerts) is a real fear.
    Orioles – Bundy is a huge ?? and Machado is almost as valueable, whatelse do they have?
    Rays – They can’t afford Stanton and Longoria, so let’s put this one to rest right now.
    AL Central:
    Indians – They can’t spend on FAs and Stanton, which they’d have to do with no prospects.
    Tigers – They didn’t have enough before trading for Sanchez & Infante, plus they need IFs.
    Twins – Again, enough prospects to fill the MLB roster or to get Stanton, but not both.
    Royals – They don’t have near the prospects and Starling is a local kid they’ll want to keep.
    White Sox – Their system is one of the worst in baseball and their team is average at best.
    AL West
    Angels – They could pulls fans from the crowd and win more games in the minors this year.
    Rangers – The most overrated farm in baseball. They have 1 or 2 jewels but for D. Price.
    Athletics – Russell Addison is great, but they lack other top prospects, as well as money.
    Astros – They have the prospects, but Stanton isn’t worth the bounty they’d have to pay.
    Mariners – They already have #27 hanging in Safeco, they can’t miss on him after Upton.

    In order:

    King Corran… You are absolutely right, plus you forgot Stefen Romero, Victor Sanchez who’s a true 18 y.o. and just made his first start in Clinton and Tyler Pike, a Floridian that might be the best left-handed pitching prospect in their system behind Hultzen. If I had to throw together a Mariners package, I’d guess Taijuan Walker, Jesus Montero, Brad Miller, Victor Sanchez, Tyler Pike, and Dan Paolini or Ji-Man Choi as a throw-in. They really can’t afford to waste a chance to import a power bat, especially with their new t.v. deal and the need to boost ratings. Most importantly, if the players see them fail to acquire another big bat, they’ll lose credibility they can ill-afford to squander.

    Gary Filmore… Your offer is short two prospects and Bundy just talked with James Andrews, the guy who does Tommy John surgeries, there is next to know chance the Marlins roll the dice on the players they get back, they’ll need to be sure things with clean medicals. A guy like Bundy wouldn’t even be considered at this point unless he was the 2nd best player in the deal. More like Manny Machado, Dylan Bundy (based on the elbow, I’d probably lean more towards Gausman), one of Jonathan Schoop/Nick Delmonico, and one of Brian Matusz or Jake Arrieta. Strop as a throw-in maybe.

    Gweg… You have no idea what you are talking about… Seriously. There’s just no nicer way to put it. Profar, Gallo, and Perez won’t even be enough, let alone too much. The deal would have to start with Jurrickson Profar, Mike Olt, Leonys Martin, and Justin Grimm (this could also be Cody Buckle), but would need to include one of Joey Gallo, Jorge Alfaro, Martin Perez, Neil Ramirez, or Luis Sardinas.

    Realistically Boston would have to start with Xander Bogaerts, then add one of Jackie Bradley Jr. or Garin Cecchini and one of Matt Barnes or Allen Webster, then they would have to add one of Henry Owens or Deven Marrero. Maybe they ask for Swihart to get thrown in as a sweetner, but he’s definitely not going to a main piece with his performances to date.

    Ninth Doctor… Yes way, that is a horrible return, look what Seattle and Atlanta offered for Upton coming off a bad year, earning much more money.

    Xios713… The problem is that they’d have to get Puig, Seager, and players off the 25-man roster, plus make a second trade to dump Crawford, Kemp, or Ethier. No way they make two deals, they’d literally have to make a deal with the Marlins and then have them hold the deal like escrow for a week well they dumped another player. It would be a mess.

    Last Sane Man… Look at what Seattle offered for Upton, they would almost double it for Stanton, guaranteed. Plus they can’t be seen missing another big bat when their offense is so ugly. They will pay if nobody else does and they’ll pay more if someone else gets “inspired.”

    hawkny… This is not the NBA, you can’t trade picks, plus that’s a horrible offer, people have to offer a top 10 pitching prospect in all of baseball and/or a top 20 hitting prospect in all of baseball, then add 3-4 other names. Be more realistic.

    • Kurt

      correction Swihart IS NOT going to be a main piece in a trade based on his performance. He’s a throw in or lottery ticket as they say.

  • Mikester

    The Rays will not trade Wil Myers, and after shedding Price’s salary, they will be able to afford Stanton. But without Myers, they don’t necessarily have the goods to get Stanton. It’s not likely they’ll trade 3 top young arms and decimate their carefully crafted pitching pipeline.

    The only way the Rays contend for Stanton is to get a haul of prospects for Price and then turn and trade some of them in a package to the Fish. For example, if the Rays net Sano, Buxton, Meyer and Rosario from the Twins, they could send Buxton, Alex Meyer, Cobb and a guy like Patrick Leonard in a package.

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