Help Is On The Way For The New York Yankees

by Paul Jack | Posted on Friday, May 31st, 2013
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New York Yankees

Will the New York Yankees rebound?

Help is on the way for the Bronx Bombers as Mark Teixeira and Kevin Youkilis are both scheduled to return to the team soon.  There has been speculation that Friday 5/31 would be the date.  Both are with the AA squad trying to get their timing back.

Teixeira has not played this entire season to date, and Youk has been shelved since April 28th with a lower back sprain. Both players have some rust to kick off before getting to the big club whether it is this Friday or after the weekend.

Don’t forget about Curtis Granderson, he was hurt coming into the season and returned on May 14th.,  He played in 8 games, hit a homer, stole a bag, had a couple 3 for 4 games in there so all was well.  Then he broke his left pinkie and is out about 4 weeks as he had to have a pin inserted into it.

So while Tex and Youk are coming back, Granderson is still out.

Now let’s look into why I still think my Yankees under 89 wins bet is looking good.

They have lost 4 in a row, already slipping to second place in the division.

Mariano Rivera just blew a save in fantastic form versus the Mets, didn’t even record an out.  Ok it was his 1st blown save of the year and his ERA is still 1.86 which is insane for a 43 year old pitcher, but still.

Tex has been on a downward slide the last couple years, like most players when they pass 31 years old.  He is now 33 years old coming off a wrist injury.  I personally hate hitters that come off wrist injuries, I call it the Derrick Lee effect.  Tex has a career avg of .279 however in the last 3 years his avg has been .256, .248 and .251.  At 33 coming off a long injury is that going to improve?  Not likely.

Youk has a similar story.  The greek god of walks is 34 years old, and hasn’t played more than 122 games since 2009 when he logged 136 for the Boston Red Sox.  A career .282 hitter his batting avg the last 3 years has been .307, .258 then .235 last year split between the Red Sox and White Sox.  That’s a rapid downward slide.

Then there is Derek Jeter who turned back the clock last year. He played in 159 games, batted .316 with 15 homers, a career high 216 hits and 99 runs scored, all at the spry young age of 38.  He is now less than a month away from 39 and will be coming off a shredded ankle injury sustained in the playoffs last year.

Andy Pettitte also hit the DL for a quick 15 days die to a strained trapezius and is scheduled to return against Cleveland June 3-5.

Add all this up and in my opinion it equals a continued slide for the flagship team in the majors.  Old age is a killer for any sports franchise and the Yankees appear to be suffering from that disease this season.  Help is on the way but it may be too late.

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