Ichiro Suzuki Hits 3,000th Career Hit

by Clayton Richer | Posted on Tuesday, August 9th, 2016
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Ichiro Suzuki

Japanese players all over the country are rejoicing in light of Ichiro Suzuki’s achievements. The sort of historic moment that many a baseball fan will not forget anytime soon, not even the most astute online MLB sportsbook odds could have predicted that Suzuki would achieve his 3,000th career hit in the Majors.

In a game that saw the Colorado Rockies fall to the Miami Marlins, forty-two-year-old Suzuki’s big moment came in the Seventh inning.

And while he is merely one of thirty players that have achieved this particular milestone, Suzuki’s abilities are further elevated when he is compared to other players born in Japan, amongst which he is the first to hit 3,000.

Suzuki will have the opportunity to share this achievement with his former hitting Coach (Paul Molitor). Suzuki and Molitor have a special relationship, and Suzuki was heard talking about the joy of being connected with Molitor over their shared achievements as he drank champagne with his teammates after the game.

The fates seemed to frown down at Suzuki at the start, the veteran player remaining hitless for far longer than anyone might have expected. It wasn’t until his drive to left field carried beyond Gerardo Parra’s reach that Suzuki, who breezed into third, began to stand taller, his burden finally lifted.

Suzuki was rushed soon after by his teammates, many of whom couldn’t wait to hug him, and the third base coach (Lorenzo Bundy) was no exception. For Suzuki, the opportunity to share the moment with his teammates only elevated his sense of victory, this even as the game was beginning to gain momentum.

While arguments can be made about Suzuki’s overall contribution in the game, it cannot be denied that he was the undeniable star. The Japanese player drew rounds of applause every single time he came out of the dugout.

Mattingly was, at one point, heard speaking about the honor he felt watching Suzuki prepare and play, and he wasn’t the only one being so generous with his praises.

Suzuki’s career has spanned more than a decade in the majors, and this isn’t even taking into account all the years he spent playing Baseball back in Japan. Sufficing to say, he couldn’t have hoped for a greater reward than the adoration his fans and teammates have showered him since the game with Colorado.

It would be accurate to say that, for the talent he has displayed over the years, Suzuki should have hit this milestone a little earlier during his career. In fact, Suzuki himself has admitted on more than one occasion that, as joyous as his achievement might be, he should have reached three thousand several months ago.

That only goes to show you just how harshly Ichiro judges his own abilities. The fans didn’t seem to share this negative opinion as they basked in the glory of his achievement, even if Ichiro is one of the oldest players to reach three thousand.

While the Majors are not exactly brimming with Asian representation, it would be accurate to say that Suzuki is leading the way for other Japanese baseball players looking to make it big in the United States.

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