I’m So Sick Of Good Red Sox Fans Being Lumped In With The Bad Ones

by Jake Archer | Posted on Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017
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Boston is a fantastic city and a great sports town. I would never want to live anywhere else, and I know that sounds easy to say because of all of the winning that goes on here. But it isn’t just about the winning we’ve experienced, because even when things don’t go our way we care deeply and it’s just a huge part of our culture. It’s almost hard to explain, but there’s something just special about the whole vibe here.

With that said, the rest of the country despises us. We’ve done too much winning and gotten a little bit too full of ourselves. But, we also have a bit of a history of racism here and that is the real issue. Now I’m not saying that Boston is any more racist than any other city in America because I honestly don’t think that, but things that have happened have been heavily publicized and thus, the city has gotten a bad rap.

It all started when racism was prevalent throughout the country, and Boston fans didn’t treat their best athlete, Bill Russell, well at all. Over the years, the reputation has still somewhat been there because of different incidents that happened, but it seems like the last few years have been particularly bad. It just seems like the conversation has ramped up and now everyone in the world is condemning Boston as this unredeemable, filthy place.

Last night, the latest incident occurred at Fenway Park when a fan threw a bag of peanuts at African-American Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones. Apparently the peanuts were not the only thing tossed at Jones, as fans were yelling racial epithets and insensitive remarks towards him. According to Jones, “59 or 60 fans were ejected tonight in the ballpark.” The Boston Red Sox, while saying they take Jones at his word about what he heard from fans, disputed the number of ejections and said that it was about half of what Jones estimated.

Naturally, this has become a huge news story with people all over the country saying things like “stay classy Boston,” and “well what do you expect from Boston?” Writers are rushing to claim all Red Sox fans are racist and despicable. What everyone is failing to realize is that Jones said 59 or 60 people were ejected “in the ballpark.” That doesn’t mean 59 or 60 people were ejected for the incident that happened with him. Red Sox president Sam Kennedy went on WEEI today to say that 34 fans were ejected last night at Fenway, when the typical night has about 12-15. Not great, but let’s not go reporting that 60 fans got ejected for yelling racist stuff at Jones like some news outlets are doing.

Now, a lot of people who are trying to defend Boston are saying that they need proof of people saying this stuff to Jones. The peanut bag being thrown was caught on tape and while that’s not good, it’s not as serious an issue as racism. I agree that proof would be nice, but at this point I don’t care. This has happened enough times with enough athletes and it just needs to stop. I’m sick of a few idiots doing something wrong and making the entirety of Boston look bad.

There are so many Boston fans that are normal, great people. I’ve been to so many games at Fenway, Gillette Stadium and the Garden in my life and guess how many times I’ve heard this type of crap. Zero times. That’s why this baffles me because I just simply cannot envision a scenario where someone, or a few people, start spewing this vile hate and no one tells them to sit down and shut up. I can’t even fathom someone thinking of yelling that type of stuff at someone. Grow up, and maybe take a look at yourself in the mirror and find out why you’re acting like dirt.

Anyway, while I’m angry with so many people just painting all of Boston with one brush, I’m way angrier with the people who do this type of thing and set us back. I really hope Adam Jones gets a standing ovation tonight at Fenway so that we can at least make a gesture to show that we’re not a hateful group. Boston is great and it’s my city, so I really want it to step up here.

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Jake Archer
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Jake is a sports blogger with a passion for baseball and the Red Sox. He loves pitcher's duels, ballpark food and listening to games on the radio. He's got some strong opinions on things like pace-of-play, the DH rule and more. Follow him on Twitter at @jarcher04.

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