Inspiring the Uninspired: Interview With ASU Cory Hahn

by David Culver | Posted on Monday, April 8th, 2013
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Cory Hahn

Cory Hahn was a rising baseball star until a slide into second base during his third game at Arizona State changed his life. He was the 26th round 2010 pick for the San Diego Padres, but decided to honor his commitment to ASU. Since the accident he has made great strides in his recovery and is currently a Business Communications major, where he hopes to be able to stay in the game of baseball in the front office or scouting.

[quote]“Through my injury I have noticed I have been able to inspire people through my story. I realized I am able to provide inspiration to those who are in need of something or someone to look up to. I have had to battle through so many obstacles in life that if I can influence and help people in any way possible it would make me one happy person.”[/quote]

And who is Cory’s inspiration? Cory finds his inspiration from his family, friends and supporters. “[quote]But I gain the most inspiration from my dad. Without him and the sacrifices he has made to take care of me, I honestly have no idea where I would be mentally and physically. I love the guy to death.”[/quote]

Due to his injury, doctors told Cory and his family that he would not be able to walk again. Rather than allowing that diagnosis to discourage him, Cory has chosen to challenge it. “Right now I am still getting stronger and stronger. I can drive again which was a huge hurdle and goal to accomplish. Now my goal is to constantly get stronger and more independent with each new day and a year from now I would love to be fully independent. The ultimate goal is to defy the odds and walk again.”

In between classes and recovery, Cory stays with his ASU teammates, supporting them as a student-coach. He is able to provide the team with the knowledge of the game he has built up over the years. He not only provides moral support to the team, but also assists directly with the outfielders and hitting.

[quote]“The student-athletes and the athletic department have responded very well, and they have helped me with my school work whether it’s getting a book or tutors. Before my injury all my friends were student-athletes and with my return to school they have treated me like I never left. I am very fortunate to have the friends I have and to the athletes I do not know I have been able to affect them in a positive way to work hard on and off the field.”[/quote]

He played with Bryce Harper in the 2009 Under 18 Team USA and developed a friendship with the 2012 National League Rookie of the year. Cory finds himself to be extremely fortunate to have been able to represent our country and the hard work was worth it when then won the gold.

[quote]“I was able to make some lifelong friends during my time with Team USA, one being Bryce. It was awesome getting to be on the same team together because, like me, he plays the game the right way and at 100% all the time, not to mention getting to see just how talented he really is. We got along very well and keep in contact to this day quite often as he always wants to make sure I am working hard on my recovery. He’s been a great teammate and even better friend.”[/quote]

Earlier this year, the Trinity Bat Company held a Home Run Challenge to benefit for the Cory Hahn fund. [quote]“The event was tremendous, my family and I are very humbled by the generosity of the Trinity Bat Company to put on an event like this. Having all the players come out and put on a show for all the fans was awesome to see and I was able to catch up with a lot of people I had not seen in a while. The event was a huge success and my favorite part was seeing all of the people come out to support me, it shows me that I am not in this battle alone and I cannot thank everyone enough for their help.”[/quote]

Cory is also a life-long Los Angeles Angels fan, and he hopes to see a Freeway series between the Halos and the Dodgers.

You can find him on twitter @Coryhahn34, where you will see his tag-line “Inspiring the Uninspired”.

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