Is Matt Harvey The Real Deal?

by Clayton Richer | Posted on Monday, April 22nd, 2013
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Matt Harvey

Whenever a player does well in April, any seasoned baseball fan will be quick to point out that it is still early. The Mets might not be very good this year, but Matt Harvey seems to be grabbing all the attention as an ace in the making. The question is, how good can he be?

Through four starts this season, Harvey has gone 4-0 with a 0.93 ERA. Batters are hitting just .108 against him, as he has given up just 10 hits (compared to 32 strikeouts) in 29 innings. Those are great numbers for sure and have brought him to the attention of the fantasy baseball fans, but at some point he will hit a rough patch.

The makeup of Harvey is what more people should be focusing on. This is a guy who has the perfect body frame (6’4”, 225 pounds) and delivery to be an efficient, durable pitcher for years to come. It also helps that he has excelled at every level. This makes the start to 2013 a little more reliable that he can be a true ace.

With R.A. Dickey gone and Johan Santana basically written off due to injury, the Mets are looking for that next go-to pitcher. That eagerness can get to some young players, but Harvey seems to be handling it well so far. Even after easily outclassing Stephen Strasburg in his last outing, there was no way he was going to let the comparisons get to him.

Harvey just turned 24 years old, and he will have probably at least a year or two to ease into the ace role for New York as they rebuild around him. There is no doubt that he has the repertoire, makeup and results to be an ace. The only fear is that the media and the Mets do not overhype him too much as he still learns at the big league level.

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Clayton Richer
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