It’s Time To Appreciate The Parity In Baseball

by Jake Archer | Posted on Wednesday, May 17th, 2017
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There are a lot of things about the modern state of baseball that get picked a part by fans and media alike. One thing that we really need to love and appreciate though, is the level of parity in the big leagues.

As we sit here watching the NBA playoffs go on and pretty much know what is going to happen, it just reminded me that baseball is so much better off for being unpredictable.

There is no LeBron James in the MLB and there are no super teams. The best thing is that there is no clear-cut best player or best organization. In the NBA, you’ve got LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Golden State Warriors and everyone else. In the NFL, you’ve got Tom Brady and the New England Patriots and everyone else. Even in the NHL to some extent, you have teams that are constantly winning and a player or two who are clearly the best.

In baseball, there is just so much talent spread out across the league. There are guys like Mookie Betts, Kris Bryant, Mike Trout, Manny Machado and Bryce Harper, among others. You could make an argument for any of them being the top player in the game today. There are also a bunch of teams that are threats to win it all and only a few of them are every year type contenders.

The biggest thing that I’ll just always love about baseball is the way that is surprises you on a day-to-day basis. Maybe some player and some team will move ahead of pack for a little bit, but nothing is ever guaranteed.

You can never sit down on a beautiful day in May and predict what will be happening in October. We should never take that for granted because it’s one of the biggest things that baseball has over all of these other sports.

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Jake Archer
About the Author

Jake is a sports blogger with a passion for baseball and the Red Sox. He loves pitcher's duels, ballpark food and listening to games on the radio. He's got some strong opinions on things like pace-of-play, the DH rule and more. Follow him on Twitter at @jarcher04.

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