Johnny Cueto Wants To Finish His Career In The American League

by Jake Archer | Posted on Tuesday, April 18th, 2017
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San Francisco Giants starting pitcher and co-ace Johnny Cueto apparently isn’t committed to being in the orange and black forever. Cueto told the San Francisco Chronicle on Saturday that he hopes to finish his career in the American League, not in the National League where he currently is.

This is a pretty interesting move by Cueto, who is only in his second year with the Giants, and I’m wondering how it plays. If a player in Boston said this, people would freak out and demand for him to be traded because he isn’t loyal enough. In San Fran though, maybe they don’t care as much and this isn’t a big story.

But to me, this is still kind of odd. Why is Cueto even talking about this right now? Does it have anything to do with the fact that he can opt out of his deal after this season? If it does then you can bet American League teams will be delighted to narrow the field of potential suitors.

It was well documented during Cueto’s run up to free agency that he was interested in joining the Red Sox, but I don’t know that Boston would go spend a bunch of money on him. Regardless, does this mean Cueto isn’t enjoying his time in San Francisco?

Cueto also said that he thinks the American League is stronger. He’s right when it comes to the fact that Cueto didn’t exactly kill it in his time with the Kansas City Royals. He pitched well in the postseason and they won a World Series, but his ERA during the regular season was close to five. It’ is a bold strategy though, to go around saying that when he’s still in the NL and hitters will probably take exception to that and try to show him that the NL is no cupcake league.

Regardless, I’ll be interested to see the fallout from this, if there is any. In the clubhouse, guys might be scratching their heads at this one, but we’ll probably never hear of it. But if the Giants fans turn on him, well then we have a real story.

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