Jose Altuve Wasn’t Hurt On Sunday, His Shoes Were Just Too Tight!

by Jake Archer | Posted on Wednesday, May 17th, 2017
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Only in baseball can something like this happen. There is no other sport in the world that has the kind of weird, quirky injury news that baseball has and I don’t know how to feel about it. In a way, I love that baseball players have the dumbest injuries because it’s comical, but it’s also annoying when a player on your team does something ridiculous or sits because he’s soft.

Well on Sunday, the Houston Astros thought that their star second baseman, Jose Altuve, was hurt. Altuve began limping around on Sunday night’s game against the New York Yankees and the limp got so bad that he was removed from the game for a pinch runner.

“He looked uncomfortable with his lower half — ankle, calf, hamstring,” Astros manager A.J. Hinch said Monday. “It turned out to be his pink shoes. They were a little too tight. It was making his foot fall asleep. When he came to the bench he was sort of dumbfounded as to why I took him out.”

This is just a classic mix-up. One guy wears something too small because he wants to look cool and then he gets so noticeably awkward that he looks like he’s in pain. You would think that whatever company gave him his special Mother’s Day shoes would probably make them the right size for one of the MLB’s premier players but I guess not.

Houston won the game and Altuve’s removal didn’t have any effect but you have to think that maybe his manager should look into what is going on before pulling a player out. Don’t they usually have him and the training staff head out to check up on a player who appears hurt? If they had just done that Altuve would have told them he was all good. It was a weird move and a weird story that you will literally never hear from anywhere but baseball.

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Jake Archer
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