Jose Canseco Up To His Old Tricks, This Time With Shaq

by Clayton Richer | Posted on Monday, May 6th, 2013
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Jose Canseco refuses to fade into the sunset, desperate for publicity and one last shot at being a household name. Once again Canseco took to Twitter to reignite his feud with basketball big man Shaquille O’Neal. Poor Jose will take attention wherever he can get it. So here it is!

The former Oakland Athletics slugger provoked the verbal spat with a tweet to Shaq calling him a pussy which started a barage of bantering and not so friendly fire from Shaq.


Canseco garnered the response he had hoped to elicit with Shaq firing back tweets calling his a snitch and threatening to break his jaw.

Shaquille O'Neal Tweet To Jose Canseco

Shaquille O'Neal Tweet To Jose Canseco

The slugger realizes this is another opportunity to make a quick buck and continued to tweet about the potential ring appearance throughout the evening on Twitter.



Shaq then again sent Jose a friendly reminder of what he thought of snitches.

It is unknown if the two will ever put their money where their mouth is and get in the ring. However, the two combatants should put on the gloves and settle the feud once and for all with the earnings being donated to a charity rather than the Jose Canseco Get Huge Fund.

Hey, what else is there to do on Twitter on a Sunday night.


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