Keith Olbermann Tells Barry Bonds To Get Lost

by Clayton Richer | Posted on Wednesday, March 12th, 2014
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Keith Olbermann did not pull any punches or sugar-coat his displeasure for Barry Bonds being back in an MLB uniform albeit even if it is just as a spring training instructor for the San Francisco Giants. Olbermann tells Bonds to “Get Lost” in a 5-minute tirade, wordsmith to perfection defending the reasons why Bonds should be forgotten by all baseball fans. Well said Keith!


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Clayton Richer
About the Author

Clayton Richer is an MLB scribe from north of the border with a slight bias for the Toronto Blue Jays. Clayton has also been the shop-keeper at Baseball Hot Corner since the sites inception in 2012. Follow and interact with Clayton on Twitter @MLBHotCorner or @ClaytonRicher

  • Jason mortimer

    Barry is a dick however he should be in the hall of fame. Like Keith said if he didn’t cheat he would have 611 home runs. Still very hall worthy. Guy was the best player with a bat before steroids and became beyond belief after them.

  • frederick

    Mr. Keith Olberman ,
    Mr. Bonds is a human beeing just like you and the courts have not found him guilty yet.
    He was a great baseball player and you and all your raisist comments can not take anything away from him . You sound just like a Tea Party guy . People like you should be outlawed from the media . You are a disgrace
    yourself to this country and the sport of baseball.

    • JO Sharks

      frederick…you’re the typical liberal who wants to outlaw or silence anyone who has a different viewpoint. Take the blinders off and take real long look in the mirror. You will see the real “hate” is coming from your ideology.

    • Mikey

      Olberman is a drama queen and Bonds is very arrogant Ive met him he is a very arrogant egomaniac

    • Jer

      What racist comments?

  • keith is a big windbag BARRY BONDS the best

  • rico G

    Oberman is a redneck and a tool of Big Media. Barry was one of the greatest players in baseball history. Mr Oberman you are a jerk!

  • SoCalBuck

    Let me guess you two are Giant fans? You two are bigger idiots than Bonds. BTW Olbermann isn’t even close to being affiliated with the Tea party. I normally don’t agree with him, this is the rare occasion that I do.

  • SoCalBuck

    Let me guess you two are Giant fans? You two are bigger idiots than Bonds. BTW Olbermann isn’t even close to being affiliated with the Tea party. I normally don’t agree with him, this is the rare occasion that I do.

  • Rob

    Wow, what venom. Someone tell Keith he takes himself more seriously than anyone else on earth. That’s why his show was cancelled.

  • Robert Gorham

    Who cares what Keith Olberman has to say? What has Olberman ever done except run his mouth. Barry is back and many are glad he is. Barry will eventually be in the hall of fame. Olberman will get fired again because he is just a noisy bully.

  • Frenet

    As if San Francisco does not have a drug problem? Please! It is a drug tolerant city and I am not talking about marijuana. The reason SF doesn’t care is because majority of people there use hard drugs for a good portion of their adult lives. I read an article just last month that it is common and likely while living there that one will have at least one friend living in the city who overdoses at some point. Just my two cents.

    • TM

      Two cents is about double what your idiotic comment is worth.

  • Ron

    Olbermann had no problem sucking off Bonds or for that matter another player when they were hitting all the HR’s. they all can claim ignorance but hell Jose Canseco was getting his balls busted by Red Sox fan back in 88 so if we the fans knew then don’t get all high and mighty now…………………As far as I’m concerned everyone of them should be in the hall it’s a game nothing more nothing less in the grand scheme of life. It’s only the ones with no lives like Sports writers and sports casters who have no life make ito something more than it is.

  • OneTime

    Trust me I hate the Giants and Barry is a complete ass face…Baseball Fans that think the players mentioned in these PED reports are the only ones who used steroids….you are high…players admit 70-80 percent of baseball has used at one time or another….guys are still being suspended today…PED’s are prevalent in many sports…I think the NFL just looks away…Track and field, Cycling, Olympics, etc…the list goes on and on…even with the risk of being suspended some athletes will always try to gain the edge to win, the only way to clean up sports is institute a life time ban for the first offence, end of story, you’re gone!…as for Olbermann he can STFU also…what a stupid ass MF…

  • James

    I hope he said the same thing about Mark McGuire. Good for Barry. If Mark McGuire is coaching, so can Barry. It’s not about race, but you can’t bad mouth Barry without bad mouthing Mark McGuire & the rest of them.

  • Robert Holmes

    Garbage journalism, Olbermann. Your spiel is pathetic.

  • Jer

    Good for, you Keith! The first injection Bonds took nullified all his accolades. He doesn’t deserve to be on a baseball field. He clearly has no remorse. Pete Rose was banned form baseball for cheating. Why aren’t all these cheaters banned the same way? It’s telling our children it’s OK to cheat to get ahead. Sickening. Get lost, and stay lost. Chump.

  • Don Evans

    Mr. Keith Olberman ,
    You and the courts have not found him guilty yet and until you do you need to respect the accomplishments he achieved on the field. I watched him play as much as I could from the East Coast and the man had the best eye / hand coordination of any player I ever saw. Had he not been intentionally walked as much as he was, he might have hit 900 home runs. You tend to talk about the drugs he took (without proof) however you tend to leave out the extensive workout program he had.
    He was a great baseball player and you and all your comments can not take that away from him . You are probable on the band wagon to keep Pete Rose out of baseball as well. Again, another true HOF player.

  • Gail Bliss

    Keith, you live in the biggest glass house of all – until your life shines squeaky clean, I wouldn’t be judging anybody iffen I wuz you. Barry was a perfect wart while playing, I agree – and it is possible for people to grow up and (gasp) actually learn something. How are you doing on that front, Mr. Olbermann?

  • JB

    PEDs or not it was part of baseball!!! He played like everyone else played because WE DO NOT KNOW who were using it that got caught! WE DO NOT KNOW which PED users have been admitted to the Hall of Fame! All these writers and journalists talk like these future HOF players should all be knighted for sainthood before being admitted! All I can say as a baseball fan is that Barry Bonds was one of the BEST to play the game!!!

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