Knowing That Clay Buchholz Is No Longer Boston’s Problem Is A Beautiful Thing

by Jake Archer | Posted on Thursday, April 6th, 2017
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Today, the Red Sox got rained out in Boston so I didn’t anticipate being invested in any baseball games beyond just watching for fun. Well, I forgot that Clay Buchholz was taking the hill for the Philadelphia Phillies for the first time and I immediately became engrossed in what he was doing. No, this isn’t because I like Buchholz and want him to do well at all, it’s actually quite the opposite.

It may seem mean to root against a guy who is now in Philadelphia, leaving us Boston fans alone for the first time in years. It may also seem ungrateful to hate on a guy that had some really great moments as a Red Sox pitcher and a World Series champion. But if you think that, then you just don’t know what it’s like to watch Clay Buchholz pitch for your favorite team every fifth day.

Buchholz may have made All Star teams and garnered Cy Young votes at times, but he also coughed up leads, hit the disabled list with phantom injuries and ruined countless summer days. Watching Buchholz pitch was like torture because you never really thought he was going to win no matter how good he may be going. I was always waiting for him to unravel and most of the time he did.

Buchholz had insane talent but no pitching IQ or mental toughness. He would get slammed for seven runs in five innings against the Rays and then take no responsibility. It was always that he “threw one bad pitch” or “those guys just put good swings on the ball.” It was never, ever that he sucked even though we all knew that was the case. It feels borderline crazy today that I watched any of his start after all the times I said I never wanted to watch him pitch again.

But, I just needed to see what happened in his Phillies debut. I needed to see him cough up runs and give up a lead and just be all around frustrating. It may seem awful, but it made me feel good to know that this was happening but it just wasn’t happening to me anymore. Clay Buchholz is now someone else’s problem and boy do they know it already.

I quickly typed his name in on Twitter to see what the Philadelphia fans were saying about their new guy and it was ugly. I guess when you pitch at an extremely slow pace and then give up a lead to the Cincinnati Reds; people aren’t going to be so happy with you. His final line was four runs on seven hits in five innings of work. Every pitcher on the Red Sox could blow their arm out this season and I wouldn’t miss Buchholz one bit.

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Jake Archer
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