Legendary Baseball Rants And Tirades

by Collin Budd | Posted on Tuesday, April 21st, 2015
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Bryan Price

On Monday, Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price found himself in the spotlight of the media after he unleashed a five minute expletive filled rant during his media session which tallied over 77 “F bombs”. While these rants may not be uncommon by most teams and most coaches, generally they are behind closed doors away from video cameras and audio recorders. In “honor” of Price’s legendary rant, we have found other similar tirades for your amusement.

Disclaimer: the following videos are very NSFW and should not be listened to by anyone that is offended by foul language.

In case you missed it, here is audio of Price’s blow up on reporters.


Augie Garrido

Apparently upset after a loss, the University of Texas baseball coach dresses down his team. The video has since been mocked in a South Park episode and also featured in a profile of the coach titled Inning by Inning: A Portrait of a Coach

Favorite quote: “Fifteen minutes from now, you don’t give a f—. You walk out of here, I got to live with this mother f—ing, f—ing embarrassing game the rest of my f—ing life!”


Buddy York:

A pitching coach for the independent baseball team South Georgia Peanuts, York is filmed giving one of the most NSFW speeches ever. According to the comment section of this video, York tallies over 80 uses of the word “f—“ in just under four minutes.

Favorite quote: G—d— I don’t know what d— Robinson hits against everybody else but G—d—if he’s hitting .330 it’s probably all of f—ing us. Who the f— is he? Where the f— is he? Where the f—s he been? Why is he better than ya’ll… I would give anything in the G—d— world to get out there and f—ing face that b—-.”


Kim Brooks

Unfortunately this audio was taken from a high school coach and athletic director. After the audio surfaced, Brooks was relieved of duties as the AD and head baseball coach but still retained his teaching position with the school.

Favorite quote: “You can’t f—ing dive for a ball in the infield? f— you. Can’t make a routine play? F— you.”

 Hal McRae

Classic video of Kansas City Royals manager Hal McRae throwing a similar fit to that of Price. McRae apparently had hit his quota of listening to “stupid a– questions” that night.

Favorite Quote: “I am sick and tired of all of this bull s—. Now… put that in your f—ing pipe and smoke it.”

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